Top 5 most ingenious tools in the world – part 1

Thanks to the creativity of inventors around the world, there are many types of specialised tools that can get jobs done faster and more efficiently, so join me for today’s article as we take a look at the Top 3 most ingenious tools.

NO.1 – Ramset master Ingenious tools

Ramset master, Top 5 most ingenious tools in the world - part 1
Ramset master Ingenious tools

shot For example, when you’re trying to create solid foundations for a project, you’ll need to secure different types of materials to one another. This can prove to be particularly tricky if, for example, you need to attach a wooden beam to a concrete or steel base because you’ll need to exert a huge amount of force that risks damaging the wood or that would leave you exhausted in no time. Luckily, there’s a clever solution to this problem: the ramset master shot. To begin with, you load the fastener into the head of the tool, then you load the charge into the barrel of the device.

Next, all you need to do is to push the barrel of the master shot into the position where you need the fastener to be inserted and then you pull the trigger. Its rubber-cushioned grip means that you can use it time after time without feeling any effects, and it’s easily powerful enough to drive fasteners through two sheets of steel as an added benefit. It’s also been designed with an inbuilt suppressor, meaning that for the job it’s doing, the master shot is surprisingly quiet.

No.2 – Vibration tile beater

Vibration tile beater
Vibration tile beater Ingenious tools

Placement of tiles neatly onto a new floor can be a hugely time-consuming process if you want it to look perfect, but a tool like this vibration tile beater makes it a simple process. First, of course, you need to prepare the work site and lay your choice of cement, but then this tool has you covered for everything else. It’s suction grip, which can hold up to 77 pounds, or about 35 kilos of weight, means you only need to place it in the centre of your tile on a stack and you’re able to lift it up with ease.

Not only does this avoid you having to awkwardly hold the edges, but it also allows you to place it directly into position. You then just pull a switch and it gently releases the tile and you can put a number of them in place before fully setting them. Next, you activate the vibrating function, which ensures the tiles are properly set into the adhesive.

And because of the presence of a spirit level, you’re able to ensure that they’re perfectly flat and that the adhesive is evenly spread beneath. With something like this, a floor-laying job that would have previously taken several days to complete can be done in just a fraction of the time and with far less physical effort.

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No.3 – Milwaukee Rocket

Milwaukee Rocket
Milwaukee Rocket Ingenious tools

Especially when you’re putting the final touches to a project, it’s vital that you can fully see your workspace without any dark spots or shadows. This can be pretty tricky if you’re working overnight or you don’t yet have lighting in the area, and that’s when portable lighting is needed. There are plenty of different types of workspace lights that are available, but the Milwaukee Rocket is one of the most adaptable designs you’ll ever see and can be adjusted to provide you with exactly the light that you need.

It features 12 high-performance leds that can provide up to 2000 lumens. There are three intensities that you can choose from, with the in-built battery lasting for up to eight hours on the lowest setting.

The cleverest part is that the body of the light is fully adjustable and can be rotated up to 230 degrees vertically and 240 degrees horizontally as well as being able to be raised up to a height of 7.2 feet, or about 2.2 metres. It takes up very little space on the floor and even has a powerful magnet to be able to mount it from higher up if that’s better, all of which means the days of squinting in the dark are a thing of the past.

No.4 – Triple claw weeder

Triple claw weeder
Triple claw weeder

Weeds can appear seemingly out of nowhere, as anyone who has spent a lot of time, money, and effort to get their grass looking perfect will know. They’re a scourge that plagues even the most perfectly manicured lawns, and the process of removing them can be so destructive to the surrounding grass that it takes quite some time to recover. It’s also a job that requires a lot of bending and kneeling and can take a serious physical toll on you It’s made from stainless steel and features three claws at the end.

Place these over the weed you want to remove and stand on the back to drive them into the ground. Then all you need to do is tilt backwards. With the claws grabbing around the weed and lifting it completely out of the ground along with its roots, the quick release mechanism clears the head between uses. With a tool like this, you can remove more weeds than you’d believe in no time. You’ll find that only tiny plugs of soil are taken too, which are easily replaced.

No.5 – Flexible sandpaper

Top 5 most ingenious tools in the world - part 1
Flexible sandpaper Ingenious tools

Once you’ve finished repairing, replacing, or creating something brand new from wood, the final stage is to usually sand it and leave it with a perfectly smooth finish. As you’d expect, sandpaper is usually rigid and tough so it can withstand the force needed to wear away the wood, but this isn’t very helpful for when you’re working with intricate pieces or ones that have curved shapes. A great alternative is to use flexible sandpaper.

As new materials are developed, products like these are becoming more and more effective. The surface is as rough as you need to sand any wood project, but the back is made up of a flexible film instead of paper that can be folded, rolled or shaped however you need. It’s far sturdier too. It’s said to last up to 15 times longer than traditional sandpaper. You can cut it to the shape you need and use it on any project. It’s available in a wide variety of grits as you’d expect, so you can start with the coarsest and keep moving on to finer and finer ones until you have the exact finish that you need.

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