Does our body’s growth slow down when we exercise?

Are you thinking that this topic seems to have nothing to do with the message you are trying to convey? At first it will be like that, read the whole and you will understand. Come Let’s see the medical facts.

Many of you may have had this doubt and I am going to clear that doubt through this post. Make sure you read this entire article. And a lot of interesting medical information is hidden.

Menstrual blood is considered to be impure and many women are restricted from entering temples and also not allowed to travel in the night time, based on some superstitious beliefs.

Is Menstrual Blood Good Blood or Bad Blood?

Is Menstrual Blood Good Blood or Bad Blood?
Is Menstrual Blood Good Blood or Bad Blood?

During menstrual cycle,almost 65 Percent of the endometrium layer of the uterus will shed and release in the form of Menses. this endometrium layer
is a nutrient-rich healthy layer. So it does not have any toxic substances
or impurities in it.

Menstrual blood is the same as the normal blood, the only difference being, it comparatively has less oxygen and nutrients in it.

When the normal blood is stained for a longer time, it stinks,
The same way during periods, if the pad is not changed and is stained for a longer time,naturally it also stinks.

it has leukocytes which fight against infections. That’s the reason
despite of continuous blood flow every month , there would not be
any infection in the vaginal area.

So the summary is, By understanding all these scientific facts,
no one needs to get bothered by periods anymore.

Does our body’s growth slow down when we exercise?

Does our body's growth slow down when we exercise?
Does our body’s growth slow down when we exercise?

In this Fact 002 has said not to allow the kids to lift heavy weights till the age of 16.

From childhood till the age of around 16,growth plates of cartilage that are found in joints of our arms,legs,fingers will be converted into bone leading to overall height growth. during this growing stage these growth plates of cartilage will be very soft.

So if someone perform heavy weight training over head before age of around 16,then due to excess of pressure on this soft growth plates, injury may happen which would stop the height growth for life. This type of injury is called as salter Harris fracture.

This is the reason many weight lifters who has started their training lifting heavy weights at their young age lacks height.

so if u wanna lift heavy weights for a competitive sports,it’s advisable for men and women to do only after 16, as these growth plates will become hard after 16 and the possibilities of injuries are very less.
But moderate weight exercises are safe at any age.

PCOS can be cured in a simple way

PCOS can be cured in a simple way
PCOS can be cured in a simple way

In this Fact 003 has explained the remedies for pcod

In India, 3.7 to 22.5 percent of women have PCOS problems with or without their knowledge and the first symptom of this is irregular menstrual cycle.

Eggs in ovaries grow each month, and while growing, these eggs produces very less male hormones.

Factors like junk foods, obesity, increases the insulin hormone and
Stress increases L.H. hormones in the female body.These 2 hormones reaches the eggs and increases the production of male hormones abruptly.

When the male hormones are very high in female , it stops the egg’s growth and converts these eggs into a cyst instead. As a result infertility, facial hair, and body hair on breast and back occurs.

To get rid of this, avoid junk foods, and instead take high protein rich foods and anti inflammatory foods like pepper, turmeric, avocado, mushrooms, and broccoli.

Keep in mind to avoid stress and perform exercises regularly to reduce obesity.

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