Some important changes in the body of menopausal women

In this post, we have mentioned some important changes in the body of postmenopausal women. I hope it will be useful for you. If you haven’t read the previous post here is the link below I hope you will find it helpful to read it as well.

Causes of skin wrinkles in our body

Some important changes in the body of menopausal women
Causes of skin wrinkles in our body

skin wrinkles

In this Part 1 has explained the importance of phytoestrogen foods for post menopausal women

In Post-menopausal women, since the estrogen production is stopped, their skin becomes saggy with wrinkles and dryness.

It would also take more time to heal even if they get a light wound.

Major cells present in our skin are keratinocytes and fibroblasts. During any injury or wound, these cells signals each other through a process called crosstalk and starts working to get rid of the injury and protect the skin. These cells also provide a solid structure for the skin making it smooth and warm.

One of the main roles of estrogen hormone is increasing the number of these cells.

That’s the reason during pregnancy and puberty when follicles secretes high amount of estrogen than usual, the skin looks very firm and smooth.

Even skin conditions like psoraisis has also been reported to be reversed for many women during these times.
In fact more than the normal aging process, low estrogen will make ur skin age faster.

In order to fix this, phytoestrogen rich foods, which acts similar to estrogen should be taken.

Some information about hair loss in women

Some important changes in the body of menopausal women
Some information about hair loss in women

Hair Loss

In this Part 2 has explained the remedies for hair loss for menopausal women

The two important phases of a hair follicle is growing phase and resting phase.
The role of Estrogen is to activate the hair follicles and make them reach the growing phase to ensure hair growth.

During puberty or pregnancy, a woman’s estrogen levels are higher than normal, and that’s the reason women have full, thick hair at that time.

But as we have stated in the previous videos, after menopause the estrogen production will be stopped completely.

Due to this the hair follicles reach the resting phase, which leads to hair thinning and balding patches as well. For some even their pubic and armpit hair also thins out.

So how to combat this? Phytoestrogens also known as dietary estrogen, can act similar to estrogen hormones and can reverse this condition.

Phytoestrogen are found in carrots, brocolli, oranges, beans, garlic, onion, spinach, grapes and apples.
Keep in mind that this process will work only if it is coupled with exercises.

Weak bones—menopausal women over 40 years of age

Some important changes in the body of menopausal women
Weak bones—menopausal women over 40 years of age

Weak Bones Menopausal

In this Part 3 has given the remedies for osteoporosis

Women above 40 gets pain on joints and back after menopause.
Our bone has 2 cells. osteoclasts and osteobalsts.
Osteoclasts break down old bone; while osteoblasts form new bone.
The balance between these 2 is responsible for the bone health.

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Estrogen hormone supresses the activity of osteoclast,
But after menopause as we have explained in the previous video,
estrogen secretion will be stopped, so osteoclasts activity will be high damaging the bone,causing bone fracture easily and this condition is osteoporosis

to get rid of this risk
1200 mg of calcium and 60 gram of protein should be taken in a day as Bone is mainly made up of calcium and protein.

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