5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD

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Friends, once again welcome to all of you, in today’s article full of cool and awesome gadgets. In today’s article we are going to talk about 5 such gadgets which are based on latest technology. By the way, have you ever seen a tripod that is similar in size to a credit card, no? So to know, keep Reading the Article till the end. So that you do not miss any gadget. So friends, let’s start today’s article.

Print brush

Friends, this is such a gadget that gives a new face to this new era. Now you must be thinking that what is special in this gadget. So friends, tell yourself that if you find such a printer that, not only on paper, But also prints on fabric, plastic, metal and wood.

And if the size of that printer is also alike a machine, but like a stapler, will you believe it? I don’t think so. We aren’t talking about belief, but about amazingness of this printer. You will be really surprised to see its work, friends.

5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD
5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD

With the help of this printer, you can print your favorite style, or design, Or your favorite dialogue on your T-shirt. That too by simply typing it in your phone, friends. Friends, not only the design on the clothes, you can also decorate your phone’s cover yourself.

You can print whatever you want on any wooden platform. You can print on anything made of plastic, even if it is a balloon. You can print anything. As you can see how easy it is to print with this, guys. Now just think that if you get this in your hands, then you can make your life so cool.


Friends, you must have often heard that, using computer or mobile phone for a long time, eye strain starts. This is because the blue light emanating from the digital display is very harmful for our eyes.

So keeping this in mind, such glasses have been made, Which protects your eyes from blue light and UV rays. This spectacle may seem simple in appearance, but guys, its benefits are many. First of all, as I told you that it gives protection from blue light.

5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD
5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD

So this means that when you wear it, and use the phone or computer, So the blue light emanating from that does not reach your eyes at all. And you can also use these glasses in outdoors. To avoid UV rays, this spectacle is suitable for all devices friends.

And if we talk about its frame, so its frame is made from TR-39 material. Which is ultra durable and comfortable to wear, guys. Not only is this spectacle is stylish in appearance, it is also very beneficial for your eyes. If we talk about its price, you can buy it from Amazon.in for Rs 685 from the link given in description.

Pocket Tripod

Do you have a tripod? You must have seen a thousand types of tripods in life, But you have never seen anything like a pocket tripod. Friends, first of all, look at this tripod, which looks like an ATM card. Isn’t it? Now you must be thinking that how can this card be a tripod.

So friends, this card can be changed in a tripod like this. Just turn it like this, and it becomes a tripod. It has a stand for the phone grip, which fits any phone in the world. Because you can change its size according to you, friends.

5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD
5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD

Now let’s talk about how it works. Friends, you just have to fit the phone in this, after that you can rotate it as you want. Just like you do with the help of a tripod. So friends, it can be used in both horizontal and vertical, For photoshoot, videography, time lapse and whatever you do with a big tripod.

This is such an amazing tripod that people from all over the world say about it, That they wish they had got it earlier. Whoever has come up with the idea to make this tripod, of course, he will be a genius.

Friends, in as many as you buy a tripod, this pocket tripod comes 5 in that amount. Now tell me that when you can carry a tripod in your pocket, then what can be better than this.

Fingerbot plus

It is said that this is the ultimate robot to automate everything. That is, it is a robot that automates all the work. Friends, you must be thinking that how can this robot do everything automatically. There is something to think about it but it is true here. Rather changing the color to turning off the switches, If you can do all this sitting down, then how easy will it be?

And this is what this fingerbot does, friends. This is a device that can be installed in place of all the switches & buttons present in our homes. Like I told you that it works like a robot, so it’s a smart device that does as you speak, friends. . Control, Voice control, Home automation, Touchpad all are available in this fingerbot.

5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD
5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD

Using which you can turn the lights on and off even while sitting on your bed, that too very easily. You can switch on and off the appliances from one room to other rooms, And you can also control these through voice, friends. For example, if you are working in the kitchen and you have to use a device, So you no need to switch on and off.

You just have to give voice command, guys. Even though this seems like a small thing, But, when you will take control of your whole house by sitting, then you will realize what is luxuray.

VG Flood Light Cam

Friends, you must have seen many types of CCTV cameras, But when it comes to this camera, you probably will not have any answer left. Because this is the new Camera of the new age. So friends, all the other CCTV cameras that we have seen, they are able to record videos in light. But if we talk about recording in the dark, then those cameras are far back there. But this VG camera is also equipped with floodlights.

Its light is so bright that you can see clearly the person coming in front of it , friends. This camera has auto sensor, with the help of which its light does not turn on all the time, Rather, as soon as a thief or any person tries to pass by the camera by hiding, So then its lights become automatic. And records the face of the person in front.

5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD
5 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets Starts From 50 to 150 USD

Not only this, it also has a sound recorder, So that you can send voice messages while sitting in your room. As you can see in this clip guys. Here a thief tries to enter the house, But this camera senses the motion and turns on the lights, and also records his face. Then either the emergency alarm starts ringing in it, Or you can send a message to that thief at your own. So isn’t it quite amazing.

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So friends, hope you like this Article, if you like this Article then do like it, And don’t forget to share this with your friends. And tell us in the comments section what kind of gadgets you want in the next article. Subscribe to the website, all information coming on the side. So that the information about the upcoming specials reaches you first. Thank you for Reading the Article till the end. See you with the next article, Till then good bye.

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