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Does excessive sweating result in increased calorie burn?

Can it solve your gray hair problem? Gray hair problem Many of you have developed white hair at a young age. As soon as the white...

Some important changes in the body of menopausal women

In this post, we have mentioned some important changes in the body of postmenopausal women. I hope it will be useful for you. If...

Do bananas contribute to diabetes and obesity?

In this post, we will look at three interesting facts related to medicine. In the previous post we have already seen three interesting posts....

Does our body’s growth slow down when we exercise?

During menstrual cycle,almost 65 Percent of the endometrium layer of the uterus will shed and release in the form of Menses. this endometrium layer is a nutrient-rich healthy layer. So it does not have any toxic substances or impurities in it.

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