TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy

Cheapest Megayachts

We already showed you the cheapest megayachts in the world you can buy, but who cares about a regular yacht if you can own a megayacht! 3 separate decks, helipad, multiple cabins, private pools, and hot tubs. How could you say no to that?! In this Article, we’ll show you 5 of the Cheapest Superyachts You Can Buy!


Miraggio is a 131 feet long, spacious tri-deck yacht designed to cruise in luxurious comfort and classic elegance. Its rich heritage stretches back to Italy in 1988, where it was made by famous Siar & Moschini yacht makers. The sustainable development of Miraggio combines an impressively clean and timeless look, teak woodwork, and cutting-edge technology, not to mention its powerful engine. Trust me, with such a powerful beauty parked at your dock, everyone will be left jealous.

TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy
TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy – Cheapest Megayachts

Especially when they’ll visit the interior, styled by Daniela Leusch, that is rich in mahogany and has lovely furnishings, amenities, and amusements. A large family or group of up to 12 people can sleep in Miraggio’s plumber master, three twin and two double cabins with baths, toilets, and bidets. This yacht is in fact so big that it needs 10 crew members to even get it out of the dock, and therefore Miraggio is fitted with a room dedicated just to them.

Its large decks, bridges, and outdoor areas are ideal for cocktails, sunbathing, or lounging. There are three separate storage areas, each with various toys and tenders, including wakeboards, waterskiing, canoes for kayaking, and many others. All that fun while still going to up to 3500 nautical miles in a cruising speed of 12 knots or max speed of 14 knots, produced by 2 caterpillar engines with a total of 2558hp. Can you imagine owning all of this? Probably, but you’ll need 4 million dollars to make that real.

Sanssouci Star

The motor yacht Sanssouci Star is one of the few remaining traditional superyachts available at affordable prices. Well, not yet affordable for me, but sure for someone out there… After being initially produced by German Husumer Schiffswerft with a length of 120 feet, it was later remodeled and received another 50 feet of entertainment space. So this beast made of steel and aluminum now stands at 172 feet. With bigger size comes, of course, bigger luxury.

TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy
TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy – Cheapest Megayachts

Proof of that is, for example, the smaller breakfast room, located between the restaurant and the tavern. It offers isolated eateries to a smaller number of guests, and the bar right next to it is well-equipped with a lovely sea theme. Yacht’s lodge is situated conveniently on the backside and has a French door to a windproof sun deck, perfect for alfresco dinners with your significant one.

You don’t even have to worry about all those delicious calories since this yacht hides a gym as well. Or you can just relax near the bar by choosing a good book, watching an action movie, or playing chess with your financial advisor, who won’t be able to deny this boat was a hell of a good purchase. When it comes to space outside, there is an open seating area and a big circular teak table that can be used for 10 guests.

You can also spend time here in these enclosed seating areas, where you can enjoy a view of the broad ocean. A real jaw-dropping experience, especially while riding at the cruising speed of 12 knots, generated by two 1.285hp diesel engines that provide 7,000 nautical miles. You can make every single one of your future summers better by buying this yacht. Of course, if you can afford to splurge about 3.5 million dollars.


Peacemaker, formerly known as Avany, is a 158 feet long navigation yacht that can now be yours for just 1.5 million dollars! But before you take out your credit card, let’s take a look inside. Built in 1989 in Brazil by Maccarini and finished in the United States, Peacemaker features an in-house interior and exterior. This superyacht was designed using Ironwood and copper-clad to make the construction more robust and secure.

TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy
TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy – Cheapest Megayachts

It was extensively refitted and facelifted for sailing in 2007, so you don’t have to worry about any troubles. Once you take a look inside, you’ll definitely be astonished by the remarkable interior of this yacht, which is made of luxury mahogany and stained glass with customized bronze harbors. There is certainly a reason why this yacht goes under the name of Peacemaker.

Just look at this large lounge with integrated Chinese cabinets, extensive seating facilities, a restaurant for up to 10 persons, and a skylight. This gorgeous giant has a capacity of up to 13 guests in five staterooms, including a master bedroom with a queen-size bed. Not to mention two VIP rooms that have queen-size beds and private bathrooms equipped with Jacuzzi and shower facilities.

If I bought this, I would probably live here, not gonna lie. Designed for the worldwide crossing, Peacemaker is powered by 400 HP twin Cummins Inc. engines that allow you to comfortably cruise at 7 knots for 1,300 nautical miles or reach the maximum speed of 10 knots. If you want to buy this, you better hurry cause this yacht is a definition of a bargain!

1961 Custom Botje Ensing

1961 Custom Botje Ensing is a stunning boat designed and built to fulfill the highest standards of safety, relaxation, luxury, and elegance. So it might as well satisfy all your needs. It has a full displacement steel hull with an aluminum superstructure, and teak laid decks. Re-powered in 1990 with twin new Deutz diesel engines producing 1027 horsepower each, it provides a pleasant cruising speed of 13 knots at 2000 rpm and a top speed of 15 knots at 2230 rpm.

TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy
TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy – Cheapest Megayachts

The Botje Ensing’s interior has been designed to comfortably accommodate 12 guests in 6 cabins. Those comprise two rooms with double beds on the top board, one place with a double bed next to the wheelhouse on the top deck, and two cabins with double beds. That’s a lot of beds, if you know what I mean! The lower deck also offers a space for sleep with one room, including twin single beds, all with en-suite bathrooms.

It can further accommodate 12 crew members in four places, and each comes with its own bathroom. But of course, you won’t spend all your time inside all these rooms since large daytime areas, both inside and out, offer the finest views of the ocean you’ll be sailing across. Price? 1,05 million dollars.

Sea Star

Sea Star, a 147 feet long motor yacht, was built for the German Navy as a high-speed patrol vessel in 1964 by Lurssen Yachts. Now, instead of protecting the seas and shores, this yacht is looking for a new private owner. Is it going to be you? Let’s find out! With two MTU diesel engines that together supply 3000 hp, this craft can provide a max speed of 22 knots and the highest cruising range of 1500 nautical miles.

TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy
TOP 5 CHEAPEST MEGAYACHTS In The World Everyone Can Buy – Cheapest Megayachts

By the overall length, SEA STAR is in the top 30% of the globe. It is one of 534 motorboats in the 140 – 147 feet size category with a maximum speed of 2.4 knots faster than the average for similar-sized yachts. And all that while holding the title of the cheapest megayacht on Glame Top 5 list! But let’s take a closer look at its interior. The upper deck offers a perfect environment for sunny days and sunbathing, while its shelter provides much-wanted shadow, with still enough of the ocean’s high temperatures.

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Even if you want to cool down, that won’t be any problem, thanks to a tub just a few steps away. The middle deck gives a stunningly furnished living room, a dining room, and a kitchen with a bar, all nicely separated from each other, yet with easy excess. Hop over to the lower deck, which fits staterooms that accommodate up to 10 guests, with eight crew members on hand to serve their every need. I bet you’re now waiting to hear its price.

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For all of this luxury, you pay just 1 million dollars! However, if this is too much for you, you can spend way less if you buy an ordinary yacht. All about that in one of our popular Articles. Let’s say you get a 4 million dollar check. On which of these megayachts would you splurge that kind of money? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to check out these Articles on our Website as well.

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