Can you give your kids food like Horlicks, Boost, Bornvita, Camplon etc.

Can we eat fruits along with our meals?

Can we eat fruits along with our meals?
Can we eat fruits along with our meals?

In this part 1 has explained Can we eat fruits along with our meals?

For example, if I have got 7 to 8 egg whites and 75 to 100 grammes of chicken, which has got more protein in it, I prefer more protein-rich foods because protein is the building blocks of our skin, muscle joints, and so on. This protein can be stored by our body effectively only when it is digested with the help of an enzyme called protease.

The enzyme proteases digest protein. I prefer more fruit in each and every one of my meals because, These fruits have got those protease enzymes naturally, so Let’s take our meal along with fruits so that the nutritious food whatever we take it can be digested effectively and it can be stored for our bodily functions.

Can you give your kids food like Horlicks, Boost, Bornvita, Camplon etc.

In this part 2 has explained the side effects of taking products like Horlicks, complain, boost, pediasure.

These brands promote their products for kids growing tall, strong and sharp, based on the nutrition it has. But it only has 11 percent protein, 10 to 15 percent vitamins and minerals and almost 70 to 75 percent carbohydrates. When u take excess carbohydrates, the pancreas beta cells secrete more insulin and enzyme pi3k converts these excess carbohydrates into triglycerides a form of fat That’s the reason many kids get belly fat and saggy chest.

And in girls, due to increase in insulin hormone, the estrogen hormone fluctuation happens, which leads to pcod and irregular periods in the future. On the other hand,u can get much better quality and more protein, from pulses, egg whites, fish, chicken and plenty of vitamins and minerals from fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

I am not degrading any of these products here, what I’ve done is just elaborated its nutritional facts and leaving it to parents to decide which is good for their kids

What is menopause and its explanations

In this part 2 has explained What is menopause?

If you’re above 40 and you get irregular periods, then don’t worry. You’re reaching menopause at birth. A baby girl’s ovaries contain 15 to 20 lac eggs, which are called primordial follicles. When you hit puberty, almost 17 lakh x will be degenerated and only 3 lakh x will remain. Out of this 3 lakh, each month only one egg will grow and produce hormones like oestrogen and progesterone and will be ready for fertilisation.

If fertilisation doesn’t happen, then this developed egg will be expelled via menstrual cycle for the entire women’s lifetime. Only 400 to 500 eggs will be developed after the age of 40 to 50. All the remaining eggs will also get degenerated. As a result. We will discuss those side effects and the remedies in the upcoming Article.

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