Does excessive sweating result in increased calorie burn?

Can it solve your gray hair problem?

Gray hair problem

Many of you have developed white hair at a young age. As soon as the white hair comes, just stand in front of the mirror and look at that one white hair. There is a lot of interesting information for such people in this post. In other words, if you have white hair, it is said that if you mix henna on your head with many interesting compounds and rub it on your head, the hair will turn back to its old color. We would have tried that too but we would not have got any results. Now let’s see what is the reason for that.

In this Part 1 has explained the truth behind grey hair remedies and myths Premature grey hair is the condition of getting white hair at a very young age for both boys and girls.
Our body cells contain many thousands of genes. Each gene has some specific work. For example, some genes are responsible for protecting our muscles, some gene are responsible for protecting our bones.

Like this, one of the genes called IRF4 is responsible for producing melanin in our hair follicles which is the Root of the hair. This melanin gives hair its Colour.
If this gene IRF4 is not working properly then the melanin production will be stopped and the hair will turn white.

Since, it’s genetical, and passed down by our parents and forefathers, we can’t fix this by any means. This can also make the our private parts hairs white. Products like in Indulekha Bringha hair oil, or natural remedies like applying curry leaves, henna leaves, onion, egg white, aloevera, or doing asanas and exercises can never help u in reversing this condition.

Can you drink water between meals?

In this Part 2 has explained Can you drink water between meals?

Many of you have doubts in life whether to drink water in between meals or not. Surely this doubt is not surprising! Because the main reason we get that doubt is the adults around us. I have posted an interesting information about it here, have a look.

Most of our parents must have told us not to drink water during meals as the food will not be digested properly. The pseudoscience behind this is that if water mixes with our stomach hydrochloric acid, then that hydrochloric acid cannot break the food properly for digestion. The parietal cells of our stomach produce this hydrochloric acid and this acid is very acidic in nature. It’s almost equal to battery acid present in bikes and cars.

So by drinking water you definitely cannot dilute this strong acid. The most important thing is that the stomach is located below the esophageal sprinter. Whenever you drink water or eat food, this tube gets stretched and due to the stretch, the parietal cells produce more hydrochloric acid. So by drinking water you cannot reduce the hydrochloric acid. It’s absolutely safe and healthy to take water during your meal.

Does excessive sweating result in increased calorie burn?

In this Part 3 has explained Does excessive sweating result in increased calorie burn?

There are many stories that if we drink water between meals, the food will not be digested and digestive problems will occur. Is this true? We must have had such a doubt since childhood. Let’s see whether it is true or false in this post.

Many are under the impression that excess wetting happens in a person who works hard and more sweat is equal to burning more calories. If that is true, then why does the person who does heavy workouts in a cold climate sweat very little whenever the body temperature is high in order to reduce the temperature? The hypothalamus secretes certain messengers These messengers transport the water to the sweat gland that is located underneath the skin, and then, via the sweat gland, the water reaches the surface of the skin and acts as an air cooler, reducing the body temperature.

Some people sweat more even during light exercise because they have overactive sweat glands, while others sweat less even during heavy exercise because they have underactive sweat plants. This serves as a reminder that sweat has nothing to do with burning calories, burning fat, or detoxifying the body.

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