The Top 5 most ingenious tools in the world – part 2

Part – 2

No.1 – Knee blades Ingenious tools

Knee blades, Ingenious tools
Knee blades Ingenious tools

If you’ve ever carried out work on the floor or low down on walls and around a room, you’ll know just how much pressure can be put on your knees. It’s not just when you’re knelt in place at a particular spot but also when you move to another position and, despite the option of wearing knee pads, you’ll almost certainly feel the effects in your joints after a long day’s work.

That’s why an inventor came up with the knee blades with the intent of making users as mobile as possible while being down on their knees and able to access the entire room without having to stand up, claiming to offer more balance, flexibility and mobility They are mobile bases that attach to each knee and each have three wheels to offer a full 360 degree range of movement.

The wheels have been specifically chosen to spread the load, which means they put less pressure on the floor and won’t damage the surface that you’re moving on. With the ability to lock the wheels in place at the touch of a button, these are surely a must-have for anyone fitting carpets and floors, painting walls or even just everyday household chores.

No.2 – Demo deck

Demo-deck Ingenious tools

Removing old construction work around the yard is one of the most time-consuming jobs of all, particularly if you’re dealing with wood that’s rotted, but it’s often a necessary step to prepare your work area before you can begin with the fun part of the job where you begin building what will replace it.

Decking can be quite tricky to remove; it’s often nailed down quite firmly and has traditionally been something that takes ages as you meticulously take up each board.
The demo deck, though, is now a must-have tool for anyone involved in replacing a deck or just upkeep and it makes light work of removing boards. It’s made of an alloy steel jaw and an ultra durable laminated bamboo handle.

The jaw fits around the edge of the board and you simply pull it back towards you and it’ll lift the board up. Rather than using the joist for leverage, which is how most other similar tools work, this one uses the board itself and this means you can use it at any position along the board as opposed to having to locate it where the supports beneath it. Once the board’s been lifted, it’s held in the jaw of the demo deck too, which means you don’t need to bend over to pick it up and can simply use the tool to place it elsewhere

NO.3 – Bear grylls fire starter

Bear grylls fire starter
Bear grylls fire starter Ingenious tools

He is one of the most famous outdoor survival experts, so it’s no surprise that Bear Grylls has lent his name to a series of useful tools rather than simply profiting off poorly made products. His range is seriously impressive, particularly this fire starter tool.

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The ability to start a fire is one of the most important first steps in the wild, and this tool almost guarantees it. It’s made from two parts that are connected by a lanyard and lock seamlessly together, with one half containing the striker and the other having a fire steel that can produce a hot and bright spark.

What is useful about this fire starter though is that it also has a built-in waterproof compartment that can be used to store tinder, it has instructions printed on the exterior, and there’s even a whistle on the lanyard to help you attract the attention of others if needed. No matter the conditions or how wet and windy it is, you’ll be able to get a fire going in no time with this fire starter and is guaranteed for at least 8 000 strikes before it needs to be replaced.
If you’re ever planning on venturing out into the wilderness, then this tool is surely a must-have.

No.4 – Air shim

The Top 5 most ingenious tools in the world - part 2
Air shim Ingenious tools

There are a lot of jobs that you can do by yourself, but when you’re dealing with heavy objects, it can be almost impossible to make them line up in the exact position that you need. A great example of this is when you’re hanging doors, which is a job that will often need a second person to take the weight and hold it up in place while you make the final attachments. But something like an air shim can make this far simpler.

In essence, it’s a highly durable inflatable bag that can easily be slid underneath a heavy object and you use the foot pump to inflate it. It lifts the object up and will hold it in place. It’s particularly useful for window and door fittings, but also invaluable in fixing bathroom fittings, furniture, plumbing and joists.

Each one has a load capacity of 300 pounds, or about 136 kilos, and it’s designed to be able to fit into tight spaces, and multiple air shims can be fitted at once to give a greater level of control.
It is made from a soft material, so not only does it give a much greater range of heights than a wood shim or a wedge, but it also greatly reduces any risk of causing any damage to the surface that you’re working on.

No. 5 – Bora angle duplicator

The Top 5 most ingenious tools in the world - part 2
Bora angle duplicator Ingenious tools

Simply measuring isn’t going to be precise enough when you use your mitre saw to ensure a snug fit, and instead of the complexity of drawing diagrams, you can instead use a tool like this bora angle duplicator made of plastic and steel. You simply put it up against the corner and unfurl the wing extensions and make the final adjustments to ensure they perfectly fit around the edge, then firmly lock them in place, remove the tool, and then replace it.

It can be used on internal or external angles from zero to 180 degrees, and it’s also easily foldable, so it won’t take up much space in your toolbox by removing any complicated math and significantly reducing the amount of waste caused by having to cut and re-cut several pieces. An angled duplicator like this will soon cover its initial cost and will save you a huge amount of time too.

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