Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn’t Avoid This Ideas

Conventional SEO is dead because everyone can’t use the same SEO methods. The top 10 results are limited with the best possible content. You might disagree with these results. However, Google is the judge. We need to consider their algorithms in our marketing strategy.

In my 10 years experience, the biggest problem that I see when new websites try to steal the working methods from famous websites, however, it doesn’t work like this. When someone creates a working strategy, thousands of others try to steal it, and it doesn’t work anymore. In this article, I’ll share with you 15 SEO mistakes that you need to avoid and the working strategy that will work all the time. Stay tuned.

The best part is coming. What’s up, guys! EyenaN is here. Before reading this Article, don’t forget to subscribe to my website and like this Article. I want to start from article that was published in And here, you will find 15 top SEO mistakes of 2020 you should avoid. I will put the link in the description below.

Having Poor Internal Link Structure

The first mistake, what we can find here, “Having Poor Internal Link Structure” because many webmasters pay a lot of attention to earn backlinks, to provide link building outreach, and they forget about internal links that can help to improve your positions.

What you need to do, just to take the main keyword and use your domain on Google. For example, the main keyword here SEO mistakes and domain I insert it to Google and you can find some relevant pages that Google might think that are relevant to your page. Just create backlinks to this page, and get more attention.

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023 You Should Avoid

The next thing what you can do, find some authoritative pages on your website. You can use authoritive metric from Ahrfes, SEMrush, MOZ, or anything else and add links from these pages that have a lot of backlinks. It’s essential to create relevant links, to add some additional information to other pages, or just to create links that doesn’t hurt user experience.

Not Using Analytics to Understand the Converting Content

“Not Using Analytics to Understand the Converting Content”. Of course, it’s essential. I usually recommend all my clients to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console because it’s free and you can get a lot of information data. I don’t know why some webmasters pay for paid tools when you have such free tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console.

Just open my website, you will find the list of all tools, and you can find that Google Analytics and Google Search Console have the first two places on my list because I think all websites need to have it.

For example, only Facebook or Amazon don’t use this metrics because they have own resources to create better metrics. But for other websites, it’s essential to use it because you don’t need to spend time with creating this. Okay, go to the next tip.

Having Duplicated Content

Number three “Having Duplicated Content”. Yep, you know, it hurts user experience, it hurts Google ranking when you have a lot of duplicated content, and it’s better to delete pages if you’ve duplicated content, or if these pages have some backlinks, you can use some canonical tag or 301 redirect to other pages.

And we see some examples here with one website You can see that the same pages have the same content but different URL, and Google understands it’s different URL, it’s better to take care about this.

Forgetting Image Tags

“Forgetting Image Tags”. It depends. You know, one time during Hangout, I asked John Mueller about this. For example, if I write some article with a lot of screenshots, do I need to use tags. He replied to me that it depends on you. If you want, you can use it, if not… You know, it’s better to check out your images.

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn't Avoid This Ideas

If you have some infographics or awesome high-quality pictures, yeah, just add tags because you can get additional traffic. If you don’t have it, just forget it, or for example, just choose pages with these images and add tags because Google image search is huge, and you can get a lot of additional traffic.

Forgetting to Optimize Your Site for Local Search

“Forgetting to Optimize Your Site for Local Search”. You know, for local search, it’s essential to pay attention with Google My Business and add your website to all listing, like Apple Maps, Bing, and many others. Just find them and add your website everywhere.

It’s essential to have the same information because some websites add one phone number for one directory and another for another. It depends, of course, it’s better to have the same information everywhere and you know, many SEO companies that provide service, they usually pay more attention to Google My Business optimization than with SEO optimization.

Forgetting Content Marketing

“Forgetting Content Marketing”. I like the phrase from Seth Godin, and he told that content marketing is one marketing cleft. Why is this? Because customers are cleverer than ever. They don’t buy from brands if they don’t engage with them on social media, if they don’t know them.

And what you need to do, to cover all the stages of sales funnel, just create informational content that bring value and help people. And after this, people will know you, and when the time will come to buy some products, they will remember about your brand.

It’s essential to use content marketing, for example, with your blog posts, YouTube videos, social media promotion. For example, I’m active on social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, I publish a lot of information, and it helps me to create brand awareness.

Not Consulting Paid Media

“Not Consulting Paid Media”. You know, you can use Pay-Per-Click advertisement, it depends on your purpose, but it’s better to start from organic reach to get cross traffic because in Pay-Per-Click, people usually don’t click brands if they don’t know them.

And at that point, you will pay 10 times more than recognizable brands because Google increases Cost-Per-Click for these campaigns if people don’t click them, and even if they click, they will go to your website, if they don’t know you, they can ignore it and don’t buy your products.

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn't Avoid This Ideas

I like to start Pay-Per-Click advertisements when you have brand awareness, when you have recognizable brands and you feel that you can start to do it because in Pay-Per-Click advertisement when you invest $1, it’s a big question, “Can you get $2 back?” because it’s overwhelmed with many other campaigns and websites.

Not Executing Your Keyword Research Correctly

“Not Executing Your Keyword Research Correctly”. Yeah, I think it’s essential to check out your keywords, and many websites, they usually provide keyword research by using some tools like UberSuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and they just choose keywords that have volume and ignore other keywords. But these keywords have a high level of competition.

What you need to do, to check not only volume check, other metrics like keyword difficulty, or Cost-Per-Click, and user intent. It’s essential because when you choose only high-volume keyword, you will compete with big brands that might invest a lot of money with advertisement, and you can’t outrank them with a limited budget.

And you know, I have my tool, it’s called Keyword Clusterizator. If you go to my list and click the filter SEOTools TV, you will find this tool. What you need to do, just to add to your list of keywords here, and this tool will group all your list to many different subgroups, and you can use it. Yeah. It’s simple. It takes less than one minute to get a group of keywords. And don’t try to cover everything, choose your priority, it’s essential today to have priority.

Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords

“Creating Content That’s Not About Your Keywords”. Yep, it’s essential today to learn user intent before creating any content. What you need to do, type of Google your keywords, and you will find your competitors content, analyze it, and for example, if you see the list of keywords, just create your list with your recommendations.

If you see commercial pages, you need to create commercial pages. If you see the answer for question how, create your page like this because you can’t rank your website if it’s not relevant with user intent.

Focusing On Only One Keyword

“Focusing On Only One Keyword”. I think it’s an old school when websites created a lot of pages for each keyword, but at that point, you create a lot of duplicate content. People don’t like it. Google doesn’t like it. Just avoid it. It’s better to have some balance.

And for example, with my Keyword Clusterizator tool, you can find the list of keywords for each page. Just click ‘Upload’ here if you have some list of keywords at here for example, or you can see that I am… Yeah, just if you go to Ahrefs, SEMrush, UberSuggest, or anything else, click upload your list from these services, and you will get all keywords faster than you can prepare your coffee. And you will find some instructions here.

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn't Avoid This Ideas

It’s not difficult. Okay. Go to the next tip “Confusing Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions with Your Open Graph Description and Title”. If you use WordPress or any recognizable CRM, I don’t think it’s a big problem, but you can check it manually. And we have some examples here. Just check down that you use correct quote.

Not Having an SSL Certificate

“Not Having an SSL Certificate (HTTPS)”. I think that was a big problem a few years ago. Today, it’s not because almost all hosting providers give the service to provide HTTPS just by one of different certificates. If you ask me which is better, I usually buy that is paid more because I don’t want to limit any resources for my website.

Inappropriate Specification of Language Parameters

“Inappropriate Specification of Language Parameters”. What you need to do, just to use Hreflang correctly, and yeah, you will find some explanation here if you have some version of your websites for many different languages like English, Russian, German, and any of them. Just use this Hreflang that explains for Google and each page for different regions, yep.

Using Too Many Redirect Chains

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn't Avoid This Ideas
Search engine optimization , SEO MISTAKES

“Using Too Many Redirect Chains”. Yeah, you can see the example here. Page X > 301 Redirect to Page Y, and Page Y to Page Z. What you need to do, to have just one chain from Page X to Page Z. Okay, we finish up this article. Go to the next article. This article from Yoast, “6 universal SEO tactics that never go out of fashion”. Yep.

Stay on the light side

It’s essential today because many websites try to get ranking with black hat techniques, but Google invests a lot of money to ignore these techniques, or even penalize this website. It’s difficult today to cheat Google. And many old-fashioned techniques don’t work anymore, like PBN, private work networks, other spam. And what you need to do, to provide white hat techniques, outreach to create content that earn links and shares on social media because even if you think that your black hat techniques work today, I’m pretty sure that Google will quit them in close time. And big websites, famous websites never use black hat techniques and they get a lot of traffic.

Optimize your site speed

You know, I like to check my website with PageSpeed Insights. You can find a lot of information there. You don’t need to pay for some paid tools just to check out your pages. With this tool, it’s simple and you’ll get a lot of information. You can find this tool on my list, just choose the filter ‘Site Speed & Tech’. Google Search Console provides a lot of this data as well. And give me a few seconds. There are a lot of other tools, but… PageSpeed Insights from Google. Yep, just use this tool.

Work on excellent content

You know, content is a key. High quality content is a key. And many webmasters ask me, “How many articles I need to publish each week or each month?” It depends on quality. If you can publish many articles with high quality content and valuable information, just do it.

If you can’t, it’s better to publish one article even in a month or three months, but with high quality content because sometimes, when article can bring more traffic than hundreds or thousands of others.

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn't Avoid This Ideas

Just create excellent content plan, and after this, you’ll choose the best possible content for your website and pay attention with quality, not quantity.

Keep your audience in mind

It’s essential to learn your audience first, to speak with your customers directly, to find some online studies, and to think what your audience want to get, not of what you want to propose to them. And even big websites, they speak directly with their customers in order to learn them.

Improve your internal link structure

We discussed this. “Keep your content well-maintained”. Yep, you know, I usually create content for users, for people, and after this, I optimize this content for search system. It’s essential today when you can optimize content without hurting user experience.

Brain Dean provided a study when he had content in the top 10, and he decided to cut some information for users and to get more site speed for Google, and Google didn’t change position, but Brian lost some user experience and decided to give back.

And it’s essential today to think about customer first, for your visitors, and after this, to pay attention with Google and other search systems.

12 SEO Best Practices

Okay, we will go to the next article “12 SEO Best Practices That Everyone Should Follow”. The author, Joshua Hardwick from Ahrefs. And “Use HTTPs”, We discussed this. I just want to find some points that we’ve might skipped in other articles. Okay, “Make sure your pages load fast”. Yeah, we discussed this. “Target a topic with ‘search traffic potential'”.

You know, I like this recommendation because many websites pay attention to volume, but you can see here some examples that you can find some topics that have a lot of traffic potential because keyword search tools are not accurate, they can provide some volume, but it’s not like this, and some topics bring a lot of traffic even if keyword search tools show another picture. Okay, go ahead. I will put the link to all these articles in the description below. “Match search intent”. We discussed this.

“Target a topic in your wheelhouse”. I think we discussed this. Okay “Use your target keyword in three places”. You know, it’s old fashioned school, but it works today as well. You can add some keywords to your page, but think about your customers first because Google understands content, and you don’t need to use all the keywords to explain what your content is about because Google uses artificial intelligence.

Top 15 SEO Mistakes 2023, You Shouldn't Avoid This Ideas

But if you add your keywords to your page, especially if you can do it in the first 100 pages, because many people just read the beginning of your content, if they don’t see your keywords, they might skip it, and you have only 15 seconds to tell them. It’s better to read your content. Okay. Yeah, we can see here, “Title tag”. It’s essential to add your keywords in title tags because people are not blind. They just scan the top 10 results, if they see the keywords in the title, yep, it gives good reason to open your content.

Read More >>> Best SEO Tips Part 1

Yes, you can add your keywords to H1, but it depends because John Mueller replies many times to these questions that H1, H6 tags don’t help if you add their keywords, it’s better to add some information for users. “URL”. Yep, why not? You can use your keyword in URL because numerous studies showed that it helps to get more rankings.

Google denies this, but you know, many people still copy the URL, and yep, why not? You can add to your keyword, it helps them to find a one more time. Okay, “Use a short and descriptive URL”. Yep, for example, it’s essential to use shorter URL and add keywords and descriptive. I mean, like without any symbols and not understandable.

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“Write a compelling title tag and meta description”. You know, I like to pay attention with title tag and meta description because you can get more attention from Google search. And for example, I have even my tool. I provided this tool where you can check the quality of your title.

Top Best 27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic And New Marketing Publications
What is search engine optimization? SEO MISTAKES

Just open this page, and here, you can add any keywords here or just copy URL and analyze the quality of your headlines because from five people, only one person opens website after reading the title tag. And yeah, you can find some quality metrics. It helps to get more attention.

Okay. We will go to the next. “Optimize images”. Yep, we discussed this that you should add tags. “Write throughouh content”. I think that Ahrefs know what they’re talking about because they provide a lot of details on their content. If you read their blog posts, you will find a lot of information that helps you to be a better marketer. Okay, go to the next tip. “Add internal links from other relevant pages”. We discussed this. And the final tip “Get more backlinks”.

Just earn them by using content marketing. Okay that’s it for today. Thanks for Reading this Article. Don’t forget to subscribe to my website. Reply all questions in the comments section, I will reply to all of them. I mean like to write any questions. And see you next time. Cheers.

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