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Friends, today such an era has come where people have become, more dependent on gadgets than humans. Today such gadgets have been made in this world, that, now we have become used to them. We can live without any human being, but it seems difficult to live without those gadgets.Just look at your mobile. Well, in today’s article we are going to tell you about some such gadgets Having them will make our life even easier Friends. about the amazingness of some gadgets, you will be surprised to hear. So let’s start the article of today’s tech gadgets updates without any delay.


Friends, hope that you will be washing your clothes by yourself. If not with hands then at least with washing machine.Now when you go out, So what do you do then? If you can’t take your washing machine everywhere, And then we have to wash our clothes with our own hands.

But today I am going to tell you about such an invention, due to which, you will not have to wash clothes with your hands. And you will not even need electricity, friends.

This is a portable washing machine that means you can take it anywhere. It’s so small you can fit it anywhere. The best thing about it is this, That it is manual,that means you will not need any wire or electric connection in it at all.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD, Tech gadgets update
Drumi, Tech Gadgets Updates

Just press its pedal and your work will be done automatically. Not only will clothes be washed in this, but friends will also dry up. There is another button which when pressed, it starts spinning.

Friends, you can put up to 2 kg of laundry in this machine at a time. And it gets your clothes ready to be completely clean and dry in just 5-10 minutes. Now if there is such a washing machine, then no one will have to worry about washing clothes


The most compact Laser Engraver.Friends this is Cubio, a laser engraver You must be wondering what is the meaning of laser engraver, Friends, let us tell you that with laser engraver you can make any print on any material.

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Once you know about this device, then you will not find anything better than this. Cubio is a small device that emits laser light from inside. Friends, this light is such that it can make any design on anything.

All you have to do is connect it to your mobile, then whatever design you make on your mobile, This engraves it on any paper or wood or plastic or whatever substance is in front of you Friends, you can see in this clip how it is printing on a wooden chair.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

To decorate any item in the house or to make a symbol or to do a project with paper, This is the best way for everything. Also friends, you do not even need electricity to run it. All you need is a cable to connect to your phone, Yes friends, it is so low power that you just need a phone to run it.

Friends, it is so small that you can carry it anywhere by putting it in your purse. After that, wherever you want, you can engrave any design in any restaurant or any park. Do let us know in the comments section what you think about this laser engraver.


Friends, where has the future technology reached? If we start knowing this thing now, then this gadget can be considered a good demo for that. In the world of VR, what will be the cinema quality, feather belt and flexible use scenario?

You can understand this from now on with the help of Arpara. With micro OLED display,35-14ppi, 5120×2560 resolution it takes you to such a fictional world.

Which you can see with your own eyes. And you can feel yourself friends Wearing this you can enjoy the experience of playing any game live. You can see that. This girl sitting in the car also has Arpara. And when she wears it, the normal world becomes an adventure.

If there is a dinosaur in your game, then you will see it absolutely, and will appear in the same place where it exists. Its just the scene will be different. Sometimes you will be scared that Dinosaur has really come in your house. But everything will look normal as soon as you take it off, then you will come out of this world.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

Friends, you may find it impossible to hear all this, but for the future generation, All this will be quite common. It provides a screen that is just in front of your eyes. But its view covers the entire area. Now just imagine, To watch a movie in it, and how much fun it would be to play a game.

Mechanical keyboard

Friends, have you ever seen such a keyboard? I claim that you have never seen such a cool and amazing keyboard before. This is a wireless thin mechanical keyboard, which can be used by any human. Be it laptop, or computer, be it your smartphone, it gets connected in everything.

This is special for those who are very fond of typewriting. Friends, it has been designed in America, produced in Germany. A lot of hard work has been done to make it better guys.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

From its key settings to the lights on, everything is excellent. LED colourful lights make it more cool guys. It is so small and thin that you can easily carry it in any bag. Neither does it have more complicated buttons nor wires. It’s even easier to connect, guys.

LED Faucet

Friends, how would you feel if colourfull water started coming in your bathroom? It will probably become the most unique bathroom in the whole city. But one minute, How is it possible that colourful water starts coming in the bathroom? Yes friends, it is possible, but there is a technology that makes it possible.

Friends, this is a LED base faucet, which looks like a normal tap. But lights have been installed inside it, which start glowing when the tap is opened, Now they glow in such a way that even the water starts showing the same colour. As you can see in this clip guys.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

The water falling from the tap, sometimes looks red and sometimes blue. But in reality this is the same normal colourless water. Now if you put such an awesome tap in your basin, then,will it not be called the most unique bathroom of the city?

Smart Light Bars

Guys, are you a gamer too? By gamer I mean do you also like videogmes. Are you a movie lover too? If yes, then this gadget is made for you. This is not a game or a screen, Rather it is a smart light bar, friends.

It connects to the side of your computer or TV Changes the atmosphere of the entire room by giving you automatic colourful lights. Like if you are playing a game.

So this time the light of the same color will come out which is visible on your gaming screen. And then that light will also make the walls of your house colorful. You play in the video, but because of that light, the whole room will be immersed in gaming.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

Not only in gaming, it also does its job well while watching movies. As the colour of the screen changes, it also makes itself of the same colour. And the light of the same colour starts coming out, that molds your whole room into that vibe. Isn’t it friends?

Carbon electric bike

Friends, all of us have had a bicycle at some point or the other, but, When we see this cycle, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is that I wish I had it too. This is a bicycle in which everything is made of carbon.

Even its seat and chain are made of genuine carbon fiber guys. Which never rusts and the air never outs. Friends in this cycle, smartbar, talk sensors, Built in radar and syroscope, carbon belt, biometric security, hill detection, all these are also available.

It has 5 modes. Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sports and Turbo. Friends, it also changes its mood according to the need. Such that if a car is coming behind you, So you tell it to change the mode, So by changing the mode as soon as it detects the voice Moves the cycle fast.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

Even if you are on the climb, it automatically detects, and changes the mode. Not only this, friends, it has GPS, with the help of which, you can trace your cycle all the time. If someone tries to steal it, your phone starts ringing an alarm. Now tell if you do not want such a bicycle.

All in one adapter

Friends, this is a 65 watt ultra versatile travel charger. It is specially carried while travel, friends. With this single charger, you can charge all your gadgets. If you have multiple gadgets, Such as Camera, Laptop, Mobile, Earbuds, Power Bank, Torch. So there will be no need to take seperate chargers for all this, friends. All your work will be done with this one charger.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

It can charge 6 devices simultaneously Friends, it also has a heating unit, which protects your device from overheating. That is, even if there is a lot of load at the same time, then it does not allow anything to happen to your device. All your devices can be charged simultaneously in it, that too safely.


Friends, this is also for those who like games very much. The replaceable battery of this case is what makes it different. Friends, this is such a case in which you can play any game, With all facilities.

You can see for yourself that in this case, hand grip USB cable section to remote it has added options. Like when you want to play games with this case, you can sit comfortably and play games.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

But when you want to sit comfortably on the sofa and enjoy the game, So you can take out its remote and play the game from a distance like Videogames, friends. So isn’t it quite amazing? I really found it quite amazing.


Friends, today’s last and best gadget is this, Baggletti Suitcase Transformer. Many of you must have kept coming and going by flight. Or will have to travel by train too. In such a situation, the tiredness becomes very high.

We have to wait for a long time at the airport and we miss our work. Friends, seeing all these, this suitcase has been made which is transformed into a chair.

10 Cool Gadgets Available on Amazon | Gadgets From ,15 ,30 to ,150 USD
Tech gadgets update

Simply open it from the middle and it instantly converts into a comfortable chair. Now you must be wondering what will happen to the stuff inside it. So friends, your stuff will be absolutely safe.

Its material is very tough so that it does not allow the effect to reach inside. You can make it a chair by looking at the empty space anywhere. Then you can do your work comfortably, friends. So isn’t it an amazing chair? Sorry suitcase.

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So friends, these were today’s gadgets. Which one do you think is the best gadget, let us know in the comments section. So that we can bring you more similar gadgets.

Like the Article if you liked it, and don’t forget to share it with your friends. also, subscribe the website. So thank you for Reading the Article till the end, See you with the next article. Till then good bye.

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