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Delivering a great user experience is one of the most crucial aspects of websites nowadays.

And do you know how to make that great first impression?

Well, it actually lies in taking advantage of the preload cache option in WP Rocket.

And also Read the Article until the end as the 3.12 update contains something very exciting that all Rocketeers have been waiting regarding remove unused CSS

Now, with WP Rocket 3.12, this latest version focuses on enhancing the preload cache feature and making it more reliable and effective with improving user experience.

So, first let’s take a step back and understand why preload is so important, and also breakdown the difference between cache and preload cache.

Wp Rocket Plugin Latest Version Free Download & How To Working..?
Wp Rocket Plugin Latest Version Free Download & How To Working..?

Now, when you enable WP Rocket without the Preload Cache option, users landing on your site for the first time will experience a pretty slow page.

That’s normal because it’s just the first session, and the pages are not cached yet for that user.

In fact, the cache will be generated after the first visit.

So, now the same pages will load much faster during their future visits.

So then what happens with preload cache?

Well, in this case, users will get a faster page as soon as they visit the website for the first time.

Now, this is only possible because the preload cache option will simulate a visit to that page before any user session.

So, when users land on the same page for the first time, they will immediately get the cached version of your site.

This is extremely helpful with user experience and preventing a bad first impression. Which is something that nobody wants.

And it even has SEO benefits as well, because the cached version allows search engine robots to visit the pages quicker and improve the indexation and crawling of the pages.

So then with 3.12 what’s new about the preload cache feature?

Well the previous Preload Cache option didn’t provide the most effective results because the process could be a bit slow or even incomplete.

As a result, some pages could still be too slow when visited for the first time.

So we knew that there was a great room for improvement and with 3.12 we aimed to make it more easier, more reliable, and more powerful.

And here is exactly how we did it.

The biggest 3.12 enhancement entails the way the feature actually works.

Wp Rocket Plugin Latest Version Free Download & How To Working..?
Wp Rocket Plugin Latest Version Free Download & How To Working..? Disclaimer…. This is officially Wp rocket plugin only, not Crack version

When enabled, the Preload Cache option will always preload all URLs.

In short, WP Rocket will always find a way to grab all the URLs and preload them.

And it’s because our plugin will automatically look for one of the most popular sitemaps so that it can preload all pages by default.

And the URLs and data are now stored in a database, so it’s an asynchronous process that can’t be blocked or slowed down like before.

And this also changes the layout in the preload tab, where the preload cache feature now includes only one option to preload all the website’s URLS.

As well as there are some secondary changes in the layout that you will find outlined in the corresponding blog post for the 3.12 release.

Now you may be wondering, what happens to your old preload cache option?

Well, the answer is If you had at least one of the old preload features activated in 3.11, you’d get the feature enabled when updating to 3.12.

And, of course, we highly encourage you to activate the Preload Cache feature if this is something you previously did not have activated.

So to recap, here is why your site performance will benefit from the new preload cache feature found within 3.12.

You’ll benefit from complete and reliable cache preloading.

Wp Rocket Plugin Latest Version Free Download & How To Working..?
Wp Rocket Plugin Latest Version Free Download & How To Working..?

You’ll get the easiest Preload Cache ever with only one option to tick to preload ALL of your URLS.

And most importantly, you’ll provide your new users with a better first impression.

Now, like I mentioned earlier in this Article, we are not done yet.

WP Rocket 3.12 also comes with the finalized remove unused CSS out of the beta version.

This feature is by far one of the most powerful features within our plugin

It makes it easy to tackle CSS optimization, improve Core Web Vitals and boost the PageSpeed Insights score.

So our only question is, what are you waiting for?

Thanks to this 3.12 update, we are now going to improve your website performance even more than before.

Thank you for Reading, and have a good rest of your day!

This is original plugin not for crack version and Lot off

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