10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

Cool Gadgets On Amazon

So, hey guys, welcome to the Cluestipster. So in today’s article we have brought for you 10 amazing cool gadgets on Amazon. Friends which are small in size but are far ahead in working. And you can also buy some of these gadgets from Amazon.com. So to know, keep Reading the Article till the end, so that you do not miss any gadget. Let’s start this Article of today friends.

Sidekick Portable Charger

Friends, when the battery of the phone is down and if you are out of the house, Then the first thing you miss is the power bank. Power bank has become the most important gadget of today’s time.

But guys have you ever thought,What if your power bank is also not charged? Many times it must have happened to you, that you have a power bank but it is not charged, So you have no other option left. But now this will not happen to you at all. Because keeping this situation in mind, Sidekick Pluto has been created, friends.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

This is a phone backup that has been made to tackle every problem related to phone charging. Friends, you must be thinking that what is so in this small device? So let us tell you that this is not only a power bank, but also a power charger.

Yes, friends, you can charge your phone with this power bank and when its charging is over, Then also there is no need to worry.Because with this you can also charge your phone with a pencil battery. It has USB fast charging cable, it provides 128GB flash data along with phone data backup. You can charge your phone from any external battery with Sidekick. Now tell friends, how did you like this power bank.


Friends, the most important thing in student life is the watch. I am not talking about watching the time in mobile. Because you all must know that, even if we get up to see the time on the phone, But there seems to be something else to see.

That is why we should not use the phone to see the time while studying. Pixel time is one such gadget that can enhance the beauty of your study table, friends. It has 4 LED screens on which the automatic graphic card is displayed. And when it comes to time, it is only a watch.

There is also this timer, which helps you a lot in reading. It also has weather shows, as well as a practical sand clock. Which is displayed in the graphics, friends But it works just like a sand clock. It also has a night light, its four screens provide such good light at night, that you can even read a book.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

React to Music Playing is such a feature that it reacts with music. Like when you play any music, it also feels the surround sound and reacts with its accordiong to pixel art. Now you tell me, if someone has such a cool watch, Then why would he want to waste hours on insta and whatsapp, looking at the time from the phone?

Timex fit 2.0

Friends, nowadays smartwatches are going on in a lot of trend. And because of this, Timex has launched a brand new smartwatch, friends. Which is known as Timex Fit 2.0. So here is that watch. First of all friends talk about its build quality, then this watch comes with metal build square design.

Whose in hand feel, looks very premium. In addition, they has provided a 1.72-inch touch display in it. So let’s now see its user interface. So its home screen you will get to see something like this. By holding which you can change the face of the watch.

And if we talk about the settings, then there are many other settings like brightness, vibrate mode, flash and many more. Same if you swap right in it, then here you will get steps counter, heart monitor, sleep tracking, Spo2, Breathe, Camera, Music, Alarm, Countdown, Stopwatch and Calculator are also available friends.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

Man, I found the feature of calculator very right in this watch, Swapping to the left in the watch shows you the same tracking data. And yes, this watch comes with Bluetooth calling feature. And if we talk about its battery life, this watch provides you battery life of upto 7 days. Now you can purchase this watch for Rs 5999 from the link given in the description.

Game sir X3

This gadget is specially made for gamers, friends. If you also do cloud gaming in Android mobile, then you will know how many problems there are in it.

But this is one such gadget that turns even your normal Android phone into a great gaming platform. The most important thing about this mobile controller is that its size is adjustable. You can attach it to any phone in the world.

And friends can make it a great gaming screen. All you have to do is to adjust the size of Gamesir accordion size of your phone. Also, the cable inside it has to be inserted in the phone. And your gaming controller is just ready. It has side buttons which provide full space to your phone’s screen.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

Friends now tell you the key features of Gamesir. Control and cooler in one, upto 24 degree Celsius drop on the surface temperature. Also supports Android games and cloud gaming. Unlimited customized with interchangeable parts, one click capture, so many more features not found together in any gaming remote. If you also play games on the phone, then you must have liked this gadget too.

Shaven look

Friends, we all do shaving, but we never thought that shaving can be so cool and aesthetic. Looking at this grooming kit, you must have felt that this is some royal, innovative thing, But friends, it is an aesthetic shaving kit. With this, you can shave so easily, as shown in this clip, friends. Neither will there be a cut mark anywhere, nor will there be any kind of cream.

Just once turned it on and clear the face where you want, as much as You want. Friends, with this you get a machine which is for the hair inside the nose. You must have often seen that people clean their nose hair with the help of wax, but friends, it is very painful.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

When you make power with this kit, you will not even know. And all the hair will be clean, friends. It is 100% waterproof. After shaving it, you can easily wash it by opening the tap. Charging it is also quite easy and fast. How did you like this innovative technology shaving kit in silver color, do let me know in the comments section.

T1 Tomahawk

Friends, all of us must have used measurement tape many times, but think, how will it be if the same tape becomes digital? Friends, T1 Tomahawk is a digital measurement tape, which is very advanced.

In this, every measurement is shown to you on the screen. Which you can convert to any unit instantly. Friends, when you measure something, a green laser comes out of it, which makes a line at the exact place.

So that it becomes even more perfect to measure it. After measuring it, the numbers are not only shown to you on the screen, Rather, by measuring a place, you can also save it. This means that you can connect this tape to your phone.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

And after that, if you measure anything, then its record comes in your phone. In such a situation, you do not even need to remember the length and width to measure anything. This tape is a great example in the new technology of new age, friends.

SpinX four in one

Are you a fan of spinner? In our childhood, we all used to be very fan of yo yo spinner. But in childhood, we had never got to see such a cool and amazing yo yo.

But friends are now present in front of you, Sphinx 4 in one yo yo. This is a spinner that is 3x vol yo yo spinx designed. It is a pocket sized yo yo which converts into spin top, fidget spinner, gyroscope.

Friends, spin whenever you want, make yo yo whenever you want, and convert it into gyroscope whenever you want. This is the yo yo of the future generation which we never got to see. Isn’t it friends?

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Friends, we all have old smartphones lying in the drawer, which is of no use, because they have become bad. But Andriano is one such gadget that gives super power to even your bad and old smartphones.

Which yes friends, this is the first such gadget in the world which is made for bad phones. This gadget has an open eco system which can manage any smart device with Zig Bee, Zee Wave, WiFi and Bluetooth. And turns this device into an intelligent camera.

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You can interact with it with microphone and gestures. It gives a new chance to your old and used device friends. With this you can monitor your home, as well as fire alarm, leak sensor for you. So how did you like this technique?

Wind turbine

Friends, if you are an adventure person, then this gadget can probably prove to be the best gadget for you today. It is a portable wind turbine that you can take with you wherever you go for adventure.

All the power out of this wind turbine by fitting it outside your tent,is enough to charge all your devices.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

Friends, you do not get any electricity in Jungles. That’s why when you have multiple devices, There is nothing to charge them. So in that time this wind turbine can be very useful for you guys.

Roidmi Neo

Friends, if you think that people of future generation will clean their houses, Then this demo is presented in front of you. The era is new and the technologies are also new, so who will use the broom? Only vacuum cleaners will run that too with brand new technologies.

10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD
10 New Cool Gadgets on Amazon | Gadgets From 9 , 29 USD to ,50 & 150 USD

It will not only clean the dust and dirt, but will also make the wet dirty floor dazzling friends. This Roideme Neo is one such self cleaning vacuum cleaner which first cleans the land waste, After that, by spraying water in it, soaks it as well as mopping it. Until the ground shines. Till then its work is not over, friends.

So friends, these were the 10 gadgets of today. Which one do you think is the best gadget, do let us know in the comments section. So that we can bring you more similar gadgets.

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