How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

How to Save Money With a Credit Cards
How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

Hi guys, Clues tipster from Money After Graduation here to teach you how to save money using credit cards. Now if you think that sounds too good to be true or I might be a little bit crazy, you’re right. But I do have some ways that you can use credit cards to put more money in your budget.

Choose The Right Credit Card

The first thing you can do is choose the right credit card. What I mean by that is to choose a credit card that fits both you’re spending and your financial goals.

Often credit cards will offer you more cash back or rewards depending on what store you shop at, or what kind of purchases you make. Such as recurring bill payments or groceries or restaurants.

How to Save Money With a Credit Cards
How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

Look at what categories where you spend the most money in your budget and determine what credit card would best fit your spending profile.

Rewards, Travel Points, or Cash Back Credit Card

The second thing is to look at whether you want a rewards, travel points, or cash back credit card. If you want to take a vacation every year and you want a little bit of help with that, choose a travel rewards credit card. If you’re really trying to save more money choose a cash-back credit card that can help boost your savings account.

It all comes down to end goal you’re trying to achieve when you’re looking for the right credit card for you. One of the websites I use to compare credit cards is RateHub. And this is not a sponsored post or anything for them, I just really love using their calculators.

How to Save Money With a Credit Cards
How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

You can put your income and your spending in and it will actually give you a selection of different credit cards that are good for you, and you can compare them based on their annual fees and rewards options and so on.

Maximize the spending on your credit card

The second thing you want to do is maximize the spending on your credit card of choice. Plenty of people have five or six or more credit cards, and there’s really no need for that.

You don’t actually need to have more than two credit cards: one for your regular spending, and one in case of emergencies, or if your wallet is stolen and you lose that other credit card.

So keep one no-fee card locked in your sock drawer in case of emergencies, and then use your other credit card as your primary spending card. If you can manage using credit cards responsibly, make every purchase you can on your credit card in order to maximize the rewards.

How to Save Money With a Credit Cards
How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

So what you should do is automate all your bills to his credit card, buy all your groceries on this credit card, everything that you can to one credit card in order to get the most rewards from it.

Pay Off The Balance In Full Each Month

The next most important tip is to pay off the balance in full every month. If you’re carrying a balance on your credit cards chances are the interest you’re going to pay is worth more than any rewards could have earned.

Typically interest on credit credit is 20% and there’s no way any credit card company is giving you 20% in rewards. So it’s really important that you pay off the balance in full every month so you don’t accrue interest on your purchases.

How to Save Money With a Credit Cards
How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

An Annual Fee Be Worth It For The Perks..!

If your card has an annual fee, don’t shy away from it. It might still be worth it depending on the rewards. Calculate the number of rewards you expect to get over the course of the year based on your spending and determine how much more than the annual fee it is for the card.

Use Your Rewards

Finally, the way to get the most out of your credit cards is to actually use the rewards they get for you. If you have a cash-back credit card make sure those cash-back rewards are going directly into your savings account.

If you’re using a travel rewards credit card make sure you actually take a trip with it and take advantage of the other perks that it might have such as baggage loss insurance or access to airport lounges having a credit card is really convenient and good for your credit score but it can also add more to your budget if you maximize the rewards.

How to Save Money With a Credit Cards
How to Save Money With a Credit Cards

If you guys already have a favorite credit card that you use for cash-back or travel rewards or some other benefit, please feel free to tell me about it in the comments below. I would love to hear what you’re using and what you love.

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