Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

Modern luxury vip cars in the world, we are known for their superior ride comfort and styling, but there is always room for improvement. Their special editions take the luxury to a whole another level which is just unbelievable. Here we will be discussing the top six ultra-luxurious VIP cars that aren’t a common sight on the roads.

Mercedes V-Class Luxury VIP by Klassen

Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World
Mercedes V-Class Luxury VIP by Klassen, Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

Mercedes V-class is itself a pretty luxury and rare vehicle that has been fitted with all the luxury stuff there is. However, German luxury outfitter Klassen has taken the V-Class and provided it with a comprehensive makeover making it even more luxurious than it already was. The exterior may have received minor changes, but the interior has been turned into a luxury 5-star suite with the exception that you can pretty much go anywhere in this luxury suite. Although, the interior is brimmed with creature comforts, some luxury add-ons deserve a mention.

The hidden safe together with the champagne refrigerator, cigar holder and the voice command-controlled interior provide the ultra-rich with all they wish from a vehicle that costs as much as $250,000. The night ambiance is lit by a striking combination of ambient lights that extend all across the interior. You need not worry whether you are in the mood to watch a movie or want a good night’s sleep, as Klassen has retrofitted the V-Class with all the comforts you normally only receive at a luxury resort.

Extra Luxury VIP Mercedes GL350

Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World
Extra Luxury VIP Mercedes GL350, Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

Luxury SUVs are the talk of the town these days and automakers are taking it upon themselves to provide every luxury in their SUVs to make their offerings distinct from others in the market. The Mercedes GL350 was a mid-segment luxury SUV that has been transformed by the Turkish luxury garage into a private luxury lounge. The original seven seats have been replaced with two king-size reclining seats that are further complemented by an interior covered with leather and wooden trims.

Some other highlights include a foldable LED tv and a star headliner, both of which excel at nighttime. The matching curtains on all the windows and the separating panel just behind the front seats provide maximum privacy to the VIPs sitting in the back. The GL350 wasn’t meant to be a luxury limousine but Ertex has done a great job of making it one for the two occupants at the rear.

Mercedes S-Class

Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World
Mercedes S-Class, Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

The 2021 Mercedes S-class is the only mainstream luxury car on the list which gives a hint as to how luxurious the 2021 model of the S-class is. Not only the latest model is the most luxurious, but it also has been fitted with a whole lot of tech features, some of which weren’t ever seen before in any car. The automatic valet parking is a class-leading feature that has made its debut in the latest version, aside from auto valet parking the 2021 S-Class is almost fully autonomous that is perfectly suited for a car integrated with 4 ultra-luxury heated & cooled seats.

The ambient lighting together with the contemporary interior enhances the ambiance of the cabin and lets you enjoy the serene environment while the chauffeur drives you around the city. The soft & cozy cushions attached to the headrests are enough to make you feel special and the eerily silent cabin further elevates this feeling. The ultra-luxury comes at a cost though, so be prepared to spend at least $110,000 if you are planning on buying the latest S-Class.

Sutton VIP Class LEVC Taxi

Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World
Sutton VIP Class LEVC Taxi, Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

Sutton’s LEVC taxi may look and sound exactly like a London cab but it is the perfect example of looks can be deceptive. The VIP taxi is perfect for those who want an ultra-luxurious ride without calling attention from outsiders. The bespoke two-tone exterior color is just as carefully painted like any other high-end car and the interior is filled with all the creature comforts. The rear seats are covered with special sandalwood leather that is further contrasted by Alcantara trim.

Even the floor and the trunk has been lined with a thick carpet just to enhance the premium feel of this highly unusual cab. In addition to comfort-oriented features, a great deal of focus has also been laid on electronics. A TV with Sony’s PS4 has also been fitted in case you are in a mood to have some fun. The ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, and touchscreen controls further add a modern touch to the high-tech taxi. The starting price of this one-off opulent taxi is set at $140,000.

Karlmann King

Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World
Karlmann King, Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

The highly unusual SUV Karlmann King currently holds the title of being the world’s most expensive SUV and there is a good reason for that. The Italian SUV is tailor-made for each client and the client can literally opt for any option that he wants in his ultra-expensive and lavish SUV. The numerous cuts and creases on the exterior are matched by a unique interior that is every bit as loaded as the price tag suggests. Some note-worthy amenities include a small bar, coffee maker, PS4, and a distinctive headliner that brightens up in several different colors.

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Based on a Ford F-550 platform, the Karlmann King can also be availed in a bulletproof version that can withstand considerable impact on all sides. The V10 powering the King is only capable of pulling the car at a maximum of 87 mph due to the massive weight of the SUV. With a base price of $2 million, the Karlmann King is undoubtedly the priciest SUV on the market at the moment.

Rolls Royce Ghost Extended

Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World
Rolls Royce Ghost Extended, Top 6 Luxury VIP Cars in the World

The Rolls Royce Ghost is the brand’s entry-level luxury saloon that has enough room and luxury to offer to anyone. The extended wheelbase version is even longer than a standard Ghost and offers 17 cm more legroom. Despite the elongated wheelbase the luxury saloon maintains its classic prestige on the inside out and has several features to offer. The serenity dual seats are provided with a massaging function and are supported by picnic tables and a champagne fridge. Apart from the standard features mentioned above, owners can also make endless customizations which is the reason why there is no specific price tag for Rolls-Royce cars.

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Every Ghost comes with a headliner fitted with thousands of LEDs to brighten up your night drives with the view of galaxies. The richness of the quality of materials extends even to the trunk liner and various controls which just speaks volumes about the craftsmanship that goes behind the scenes. In short, the Rolls-Royce Ghost is your perfect daily partner provided you have got the bank balance to purchase one.

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