Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Genesis GV80

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Genesis GV80, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

The Genesis GV80 is undoubtedly one of the most value for money options in the luxury SUV segment and despite that, it performed remarkably well in crash tests. In fact, the IIHS picked the crossover as its Top Safety Pick+ is 2021. Aside from acing the IIHS crash tests, Hyundai’s posh SUV also did exceptionally well in Euro-NCAP safety tests by scoring an aggregate score of 5-stars. A large factor behind the superb safety performance is the presence of a host of safety tech as standard which is what makes Genesis vehicles enticing for upscale car buyers.

Volvo C40 Recharge

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Volvo C40 Recharge, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Volvo has always maintained a great track record of safety and now the brand is continuing its legacy with its all-electric lineup. In order to validate the safety parameters of the C40 Recharge, it was subjected to all kinds of crash tests by the crash testing agencies. The compact crossover not only excelled the test but also earned the Top Safety Pick+ reward, thereby making itself one of the safest options in addition to being eco-friendly in almost every aspect, be it the powertrain or the interior.

Tesla Model Y

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Tesla Model Y, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Tesla is mainly regarded for the EV revolution that it has brought all around the world, but the brand’s cars are also incredibly safe. The latest addition, the Model Y, is another great example of how safe all the Tesla cars are. The mid-size SUV was subjected to all the vigorous crash tests and the results granted it with the achiever of highest possible IIHS safety rating. Subsequently, the Model Y was also picked as Top Safety Pick+ which further solidified its good rating in every single category of crash test.

Nissan Rogue

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Nissan Rogue, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Nissan’s best selling car received a comprehensive makeover some time ago and with it, it also improved its safety record. Despite being the cheapest offering in the list, the Rogue managed to get hold of prestigious Top Safety Pick+ for the year 2022. Managing to uphold its dignity in almost every brutal crash test, the compact crossover allows its customers to enjoy journeys without having to worry about safety in any aspect. A majority of safety features are packed in Nissan Safety Shield 360 package that constantly remains engaged to deter any safety hazard.

Ford Mustang Mach E

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Ford Mustang Mach E, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Ford’s first all-electric offering received global coverage upon its debut and for all the right reasons. In the safety department, it performed incredibly well in all the crash tests, earning itself the Top Safety Pick designation from IIHS and five-stars from Euro-NCAP as well. The Mach E just fell shy of achieving the TSP+ designation for some variants due to their headlight design. However, the higher trims managed to ace through the headlight tests as well which means the sporty crossover has great safety score to boast to its customers and competitors as well.

Chevrolet Traverse

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Chevrolet Traverse, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

American SUV fans can’t go wrong with the latest Chevy Traverse in many aspects including the safety aspect as well. Despite being a chunky car, the Traverse managed to impress in its majority of crash tests, thereby earning the highly sought-after award of the Top Safety Pick from the IIHS. The latest iteration still lacks the auto emergency braking in standard trims, which is why it encountered some difficulties in bagging the top safety pick award. Nevertheless, the crash test videos and the upper & middle-spec variants are more than enough to enhance the confidence of Chevy buyers in the SUV.

Lexus NX

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Lexus NX, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

The posh Japanese SUV recently underwent a complete makeover and aside from improving in the aesthetics & powertrain department, it also made strides in safety. All the trims now benefit from Lexus Safety System+ that includes a bunch of active sensors monitoring the surrounding situation to protect the occupants. The results of structural & electronic safety improvements become quite apparent when one looks over at both the IIHS & Euro-NCAP ratings. The 2022 Lexus NX not only achieved full 5-star overall rating but also became the Top Safety Pick+ choice by IIHS for the ongoing year.

Volkswagen ID.4

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Volkswagen ID.4, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

With the introduction of ID3 & ID4, Volkswagen has also joined the ranks of automakers with a dedicated EV lineup. The ID4 is a sleek looking EV that boasts a rather competitive price tag, however, its competitive price tag doesn’t stand in its way of being a safe car. The contemporary SUV shined throughout all of its crash tests and grabbed an overall 5-star rating in Euro-NCAP tests. In addition, it received highest ever overall safety rating from NHTSA and the IIHS also crowned it with their Top Safety Pick+ award for 2021.


Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
BMW iX, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

BMW’s latest addition to its electric lineup, the iX, received widespread praise from reviewers due to its classic BMW driving character and due to its radical design philosophy. However, what many forgot to go through was its performance in crash tests. The 2.5 ton crossover achieved the highest possible overall 5-star crash test rating just as it was slowly launched all over the world. This impressive feat together with its innovative features make it an attractive choice for EV buyers who want something different from the rest of crowd.

Range Rover Evoque

Top 10 Most Popular SUVs Crash Test
Range Rover Evoque, Most Popular SUVs Crash Test

Range Rovers pretty much define the luxury SUV segment and they’ve a rich history spanning decades in many countries. The Evoque may be the smallest of all the SUVs in Range Rover lineup but its compact stature packs all what’s needed to protect the occupants.

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The 5-star Euro-NCAP rating validates the safety of the funky off-roader that can majorly be attributed to a comprehensive suite of active on-board safety features across all the trims. What the posh British SUV lacks in reliability, it more than makes up by offering superior comfort and excellent safety ratings.

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