The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

Expensive Scale Model Cars

Nearly all the supercars are priced well beyond the reach of a common person, but you will be surprised to know that even their miniature versions cost thousands and in some cases millions. Here we will introduce you to seven such amazing die-cast models of some of the world’s most expensive cars:

Ferrari F430 Spider

Ferrari F430 Spider – Price $9,000 Ferrari F430 Spider Amalgam was one of the most expensive cars of its era and its die-casted scale model isn’t affordable either. Get ready to spend $9,000 on its mini model if you want to buy one. Though to be fair, the high price tag of this scale car model is worth every penny when one takes into account the time and investment that has gone into producing this beautiful piece of art.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

Each unit of 1:8 model Ferrari F430 Spider is handcrafted using the dimensions and other data supplied by Ferrari itself in order to ensure that it remains true to the actual car. Some wonderful touches include fine carbon fiber work and a visible V8 engine in the rear covered with glass. The 60cm Ferrari is super exclusive and only 499 were ever made, making it rare just like a Ferrari should be.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO – Price $14,000 Another 1:8 model Ferrari in the list is also made by Amalgam collection and it is an even more expensive edition with a sticker price of $14,000, though the company also offers it with four interest-free installments of $3,350. Ferrari 250 GTO is one of the most sought-after supercars ever made by the company and the same is the case for its scaled-down version.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

First introduced in 1962, the model underwent strict inspection to ensure that it is a true depiction of the original F250 GTO. The miniature version is a great choice for anyone who dreams of owning a 250 GTO but can’t due to its rarity and an incredibly high price tag. Every part of the actual car was digitally scanned and measured so that the customers can truly enjoy and relish the memories of the greatest Ferrari scale model ever made.

McLaren Senna

McLaren Senna – Price $25,000 Every automaker has in its lifetime created a unique masterpiece that represents its true roots and the Senna is McLaren’s best supercar ever created. A car as unique and beautiful as McLaren Senna deserves a small-scale version therefore it has been created with utmost perfection and true resemblance. Everything from the frame to the brake calipers is exactly identical to the actual hypercar and you won’t find even the smallest part that doesn’t match with the original model.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

The level of sophistication can be estimated from the fact the whole model needs nearly 300 hours to be completely built and it even comes with working lights and electric doors. The company also offers the mini-Senna in a bespoke version where you can customize it according to your taste, though, the level of craftsmanship does not come affordable at all and can set you back for almost $25,000.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

Rolls Royce Cullinan – Price $40,000 Rolls Royce Cullinan is undoubtedly the most luxurious 4×4 available right now and understandably its scaled-down version also costs a small fortune. Rolls Royce has itself crafted this beautiful pinnacle of artisanship and the quality and class can be estimated from a price tag of $40,000. Each 1:8 model has been handcrafted using the highest levels of attention to detail, hence, the baby Cullinan also boasts several functional features such as interior & exterior lights, coach doors, and the luggage compartment.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

The miniature Replica comes in two configurations, a bespoke and hero specification. The bespoke version allows you to change some of the trims according to your satisfaction. Just like any “real” Rolls Royce, the exterior paint scheme can be chosen from an available palette of over 40,000 colors. The one-meter-long Cullinan is composed of 1000 individual parts combined together and the whole process takes almost 450 hours to complete.

Lamborghini Aventador Gold

Lamborghini Aventador Gold – Price $475,000 You might have seen or heard about gold plated Lamborghini Aventadors roaming the streets of Middle Eastern countries, well, its 1:18 model has also been made that is also covered with real Gold. In addition to gold, the scaled-down model also has various bits and pieces made out of platinum that have been used on blacked-out trims.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

Another interesting fact about this tiny Lambo is that it is priced at nearly $475,000 which is almost 1/18th of a real Gold-plated Lamborghini that costs $7.5 million. As with any other high-end scale model car, the Aventador Gold has also been constructed using high precision tools and valuable input from Lamborghini’s engineers so that everything is in sync with the original supercar. This extravagant Lambo is a perfect choice for any die-hard fan who has the budget and the will to buy this gorgeous handmade creature.

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Bugatti Veyron Diamond

Bugatti Veyron Diamond – Price $2,9 million If you are easily astounded by the price tags of hypercars then there is another surprise for you. The scale model of Bugatti Veyron, one of the brand’s most exclusive hypercar, is priced at an eye-watering $2.9 million. The main reason for such an unbelievable price tag is its construction from 7kg pure 24K Gold and the embellishment of 7.2 carats of single cut diamond on the front grille.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

The diamonds act like icing on top of the cake and further highlight the beauty of this uber-expensive 1:18 scale Veyron. You would be wrong to think that the usage of such a huge quantity of gold and diamond means that there will not be a single functional part in the car. The steering, hood, and two doors are fully functional, meaning you can open and close them. Only three of such models are planned to be produced, mainly, to preserve the exclusivity of miniature Veyron.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador – Price $4,8 million Lamborghinis aren’t affordable, to say the very least, but you can buy one for under half a million dollars. However, the 1:8 scale model of Lamborghini Aventador costs much more than half a million bucks and is priced at $4.8 million. The entire body of this tiny Lambo is made out of carbon fiber which is then wrapped in thin foil gold.

The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars
The Best Top 7 Unbelievably Expensive Scale Model Cars

The interior, logos, and wheels take the level of luxury to a next level and are made out of pure gold, platinum, and other valuable gemstones. The use of such rare and expensive materials makes this Lambo the most expensive 1:8 scale model ever made. It took more than 500 hours to build this tiny car from the scratch, which is partly the reason why is it so expensive. The good news is that a small part of the total price fetched will be given to charity.

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