Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About

Street Racing Rules

Some of the most exciting scenes we have ever seen in movies are easily street races. I mean… who wouldn’t want to try that?! But did you know that even this illegal kind of fun has its own rules? Cause, yeah, it does! In this Article, we will show you the top 5 Secret Rules Of Street Racing.

Know Who Youre Racing Against

First and foremost, before actually starting the races, you gotta know who you are racing against. It may seem like common sense, but your life can depend on it; don’t race against people unless you know them personally.

There are too many stories of strangers meeting up behind a grocery store or gas station and deciding to play chicken with their lives, losing every time.

Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About
Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About

If you know the person, odds are that they’re at least somewhat responsible, if not completely responsible. If you don’t know them well, chances are that your opponent could pull a gun out of his pants for leaving him in the dust.

Have The Right Equipment

While it’s not as important as the other rules, having the right equipment can help you stay safe and help others to stay safe as well. This means buying high-quality racing gloves and boots along with a helmet that meets or exceeds safety standards.

You’ll also want to invest in kneepads, as they’ll allow you to slide across the pavement rather than skidding straight into oncoming traffic head first. Also, consider investing in some new headlights or taillights for your car.

Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About
Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About

If you don’t have working lights, then you’re not going to be race-ready by anyone’s standards, not even Kyle Busch. Okay, only true Nascar fans will get that joke.

Know Where You Are Racing

Next, be sure to know where you are racing! Pretty much an extension of the first mentioned rule, this one carries just as much weight. You may know the who, but do you know the where? Even if you’ve been to a spot a thousand times before and never had a problem, something can always go wrong.

The worst places to race are those that are far from the hospital, which means that medical help will take longer to arrive; or it could be on a bridge or in an industrial area, which increases the risk of being T-boned by distracted drivers trying to find their way around your race.

Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About
Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About

If possible, scout out the location well before the race begins so that you have time to think about what could go wrong and how you can make it right. This is a safety precaution that should not be taken lightly.

Know Your Limits

Just as important as knowing who or where is knowing your limits, and respecting other people’s limits as well as your own. If you’re not feeling up to racing that night, don’t race. If a friend isn’t feeling up to racing tonight, don’t push them into it; give them a ride home so that if they change their mind later on, you’ll be there for them.

Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About
Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About

The streets are no place for ego or pride; street racing should be fun and exhilarating, not hazardous…so always ask yourself “when should I stop?” before you step onto the streets again. So yeah, before you think you are the king of street racing… even if you might be… be sure you respect limits, your honor.

Eat and Drink

Last but not least, a person who is hungry or thirsty isn’t going to think clearly, which means that they’ll make mistakes. If you plan on racing, take the time beforehand to eat a meal and drink plenty of fluids so that you can concentrate on what really matters…which is racing. Many people don’t realize how important it is to make sure you’re hydrated when racing at night or in heat;

Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About
Top 5 Street Racing Rules You Must Know About

not only does dehydration affect your ability to see clearly, but it also makes it harder for your heart and lungs to function properly. To add to this rule, never attempt to eat or drink while racing as this will distract you and overall, it will decrease your chances of winning the race.

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It can also increase your chances of a collision as it is a form of distracted driving. So, would you please put down that hamburger and grip the wheel instead? Thanks. Have you ever tried street racing?

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