The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

The Betrayal of Charlie Chaplin

The first artist to make the entire world laugh through cinema was this artist. Charlie Chaplin was the iconic actor who made us laugh and forget our worries by hiding his own miseries and sorrows. So are you asking what sorrows did he have to hide it and make us happy? Charlie Chaplin could make the entire world forget their miseries and laugh by his skills and talents as an actor was named as traitor by the United States of America.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

They did not stop in brandishing him as a traitor but the people of America exiled him from the country. The iconic comedian and actor who is seen as the most important pillar of world cinema-What is the life history of Charlie Chaplin? What were the insults that he had to undergo? we will see today.

The champion

Come, Charlie Chaplin is a well known, as a Comedian. But, he is also a big book reader. He continued to read many books till his last days. Charlie Chaplin was the gift that the world had received in the 20th century Even today, if you go to any part of the world and ask if they know Charlie Chaplin they will tell they know him. This is not when he was in the limelight of fame alone but also, after he passed away and the surprising fact is that it continues until today Charlie Chaplin’s face has been seen in many forms, celebrated everywhere and is also symbolized.

Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp character that he created is still seen today as the symbol of love, peace and happiness When we say Charlie Chaplin the image that flashes in our minds is this image of him. But Charlie Chaplin will not look like this in real life. In real life, he used to look like this only. This was his original face.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA
Untold History of Charlie Chaplin

This Tramp character was a character that he created to act in movies That character remained as his identity and it stays like that even today There are many people who have become rich from poor. But the story of Charlie Chaplin is a little different It is because Charlie Chaplin’s success was solely dependent on making his audience laugh Yes! The man who made us all laugh- Charlie Chaplin’s early life was very miserable and sad.

Charlie Chaplin’s childhood.

Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr was born on the 16th of April in the city of London in 1886 His mother was Hannah Chaplin and his father was Charles Chaplin Sr. Both were drama artists and they had a love marriage. Hannah Chaplin already had a son. Charles married her along with her son only. After the marriage of Hannah and Charles the eldest son was given the surname and he was named Sydney Chaplin. Our Charlie Chaplin’s brother After 2 years of the birth of Charlie Chaplin, his parents had disagreements with each other. They wanted to legally divorce and so they started living separately.

Charles left his wife and children and went away. Not only that, he stopped helping them financially too. So slowly poverty started engulfing the family Hannah struggled in life with both her kids all alone with no support and no proper income to take care of them She couldn’t manage and she really suffered without sufficient income Then when there was no other way, she sent both her children to a work house when Charlie Chaplin was just 7 years old Work house was a place where they got work from children and instead gave them boarding and education Like in a prison, where you will work but you will be paid either in wages or food.

The set up of the work house was exactly like that Charlie Chaplin started working in the work house and started paving his own path for his food and boarding. They were handed over to Hannah after a period of time at the work house. But the continuous poverty and the inability of her as a mother in not being able to take care of her sons deteriorated Hannah’s mind. It affected her very badly that she was sent to the mental asylum after sometime. Both the children were handed in the responsibility of the father.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Charlie Chaplin’s father Charles Sr had become a drunkard. By then, he too didn’t have sufficient income. Not only did, he drink but started abusing his own children. The abuse became so bad that the Child welfare Board had to interfere, send a notice to the father and transfer the boys after rescuing them to the work house. Again Charlie Chaplin and his brother started working in the work house and ate what they got and were surviving there.

After that Hannah completed her treatment in the mental asylum and took the boys to her care. At that time Charlie Chaplin’s brother got a chance. He got the chance to join the British Navy as a sailor. That is he got a chance as a child to join in the training program to join the Navy where he would be given food and boarding too Hannah joined him in the program. After his brother left for that journey, Charlie Chaplin’s journey continued with his mother.

Charlie Chaplin’s Life with a Dog

At this time, Charlie Chaplin’s mother Hannah continuously encouraged him telling that he had the traits of an actor and he will be a great actor in a very big way. Charlie Chaplin kept that encouragement as his inspiration and started searching for a chance in acting. Charlie Chaplin started acting in stage shows in small small characters when he was just 12 or 13 years of age. He started getting a little recognition in this. At the same time, his mother’s mental condition deteriorated further and had to be institutionalized. Charlie Chaplin started struggling with life all alone with no support at all.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

He ate whatever he could get and he slept on road sides as he never had a place to stay. There is a saying that a person who has a younger brother never is scared of an army but in Charlie Chaplin’s case it was just the opposite. But in his case we have to attribute this saying to his elder brother as in all the important moments of Charlie Chaplin’s life his backbone was his elder brother Sydney Chaplin. That is what happened that time too. After joining the scheme to become a sailor and after he became a sailor, Sydney Chaplin came back to see his mother and his brother.

Charlie Chaplin’s Mother is a partial recovery

After he came back, Charlie Chaplin life started becoming somewhat OK. Though Sydney Chaplin was a sailor, he too nurtured the dream of becoming an artist just like his father and mother. So he was searching for opportunities in stage shows. Sydney Chaplin constantly strived and found himself associated with a famous Theater Group from London named Fred Karno’s. After associating himself with that theater group he worked hard and started creating an image for himself there. Sydney Chaplin was constantly seeking for an opening in that theater group for his brother without thinking only about himself.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

His efforts started bearing fruit as Charlie Chaplin had a chance in that theater group. After that the dramas that both the brothers acted was received well by the public. Then the theater group decide to go on a tour to America. Like that the theater group started on a tour of North America. On that tour, the theater group were performing in many dramas in many places continuously for many days.

The 2 brothers who acted in these dramas were well received in America too. After that they returned to London. After returning to London, they went on another tour to America within 6 months. In this tour only, Charlie Chaplin was given special attention by a cinema manager for his skills. Through him Charlie Chaplin got the chance of working as an actor in a cinema House named Keystone.

Charlie Chaplin’s new life and moment in cinema

Charlie Chaplin understood that the doors have opened for his next phase of life and to opportunise on it, travelled to America on December 1913. After that Charlie Chaplin joined as an actor in Keystone Corporation for 150 dollars. He was offered chance to act after that.

Charlie Chaplin’s first screen appearance that is his first movie, was a movie named ” Making A Living” in 1914. In that movie Charlie Chaplin would not have come in this Tramp character. He was an ordinary realistic actor in that. After that only the Tramp character was created. In his 2nd movie itself.

How The Tramp Character Evolved

The character that will become him, identify with him as an avatar, and be with him until the end was created by Charlie Chaplin in the 2nd movie itself. The creation was an interesting story. The Tramp character was first introduced in the movie named ” Mabel’s Strange Predicament”. Charlie Chaplin would have acted as Tramp along with a character named Mabel in this movie. When the shooting commenced, Charlie Chaplin was called suddenly and told that he was the actor and to get dressed as a buffoon or any other comic character that may suit him.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Charlie Chaplin ran immediately to the make-up room knowing very well that in that movie the importance was on the character Mabel only. So he decided to capture the attention of the audience through his appearance as he wanted the audience to take notice of him. Charlie Chaplin started designing his dress according to the character he wanted to portray. He wore an extra large pant and a very tight coat He wore a very small cap and to highlight his expressions, he chose a very small mustache. Then he took a very long cane and wore very big shoes and came out.

After seeing his get up, all those in the studio had laughed and commented that it was very good. Charlie Chaplin realized that the character has been created in that very second he was being appreciated In what expectation he created the Tramp character actually worked out. In the way that movie was received, The Tramp character that Charlie Chaplin had created had been received very well. In the movies that followed, Charlie Chaplin started acting in the Tramp Character that actually became his identity.

Tramp character, Behind the scenes

Though he was acting in the Tramp character regularly, Charlie Chaplin thought of innovating the character and adding something new to it. But when he went and told his ideas to the directors they never even bothered about it. They were asking him to act as being told and discouraged him saying that it would never work out. It made Charlie Chaplin very depressed and tired. That depression was fuming inside him always. This fire in him started burning very high at the shoot of the movie ” Mabel at the wheel”.

He had an argument with the director and hero of the movie Mabel Normand for refusing him to innovate his Tramp character. The argument became a huge fight. As a consequence of that fight, Charlie Chaplin was actually on the verge of being fired from the studio. Because Mabel was already a respected actor there. But that studio owner Sennett believed in the acting skills of Charlie Chaplin on a very high level. He was the one who prevented Charlie Chaplin from being fired and wanted to give him a chance.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

But Charlie Chaplin asked him for a chance to direct a movie and he told if the movie failed he will return 1500 dollars to him. Those who are in the shadow of others will fear Those who have belief in their skills will have an unique boldness. Charlie Chaplin belonged to that category. With that courage an belief in his abilities and acting skills, he was able to boldly challenge and grab an opportunity and say that he will return the money if he fails.

With that self-confidence and hope, the movie that was directed by Charlie Chaplin was ” Caught in the Rain” The entire studio that were desiring for its failure met with enormous success and the movie was also well received. After that, he directed almost all the movies under that studio in which he acted. Charlie Chaplin was releasing a movie per week and was directing them very busily. Don’t be shocked about a movie a week. In those days, he movies came out as short short videos as movies. After that only feature films started.

Charlie Chaplin new thinks in a pouring rain of money

As the contract with Keystone was about to come to an end, Charlie Chaplin asked for a 1000 dollar raise per week if he had to renew his contract. Since, Keystone could not afford to pay him that much, Charlie Chaplin joined Essanay. Essanay paid him 1250 dollars per week as salary. Not only that they paid him 10000 dollars as a signing . Charlie Chaplin directed and acted in many important movies under Essanay. It was then that movies like ” A Night Out”, ” The Champion”, ” Tramp” ” Bank” were released. He started becoming a great icon in America when he was in Essanay.

Based on his Tramp character there were dolls made, posters and comics were created. Many started imitating his character wearing the Tramp costume and acted in stage shows Charlie Chaplin realized his fame had reached its peak. That is why when essanay wanted to renew his contract. With them, he wanted a signing bonus of 1.5 lakhs. Essanay couldn’t afford such a huge sum. At the same time, many movie production houses wanted to pull, Charlie Chaplin in their company and so offered many offers. Universal and Fox company were also in that race in getting Charlie Chaplin.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Mutual film Company actually won in that fight. They were willing to pay Charlie Chaplin 10000 dollars per week and made a contract with him. With essanay he not only had payment issues, he told them that he needed more time to shape his movies but Essanay rejected it. They had fixed targets for him like having a movie within 2 to 3 weeks. As they started fixing targets.

Charlie Chaplin felt there is no creative space for him. So he quoted very high to come out of Essanay. Mutual Film company decided to give him that space. Though the Mutual Company had given Charlie Chaplin his freedom, they too had fixed a target. There was a clause that said that there should be 2 movies in 4 weeks. This too made Charlie Chaplin if there was no creative space for him.

So it stated to rise up as a great problem that time. This problem was very efficiently managed and was kept under wraps without snowballing it into a great issue and to bring Charlie Chaplin out of Mutual Films and to create a chance with another company was none other than his manager, his brother Sydney Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin started creating new movies for the company named First National Exhibitors Circuit. During this time movies like ” A Dog’s Life”, ” Shoulder Arms ” were created by Charlie Chaplin.

After these movies, when he asked First National for more money to direct the movies, they refused asking him to manage with the existing funds. This infuriated Charlie Chaplin. He was agitated that no one is capable of giving him the perfect conditions as per his desire to make a movie. So as a solution to this problem he joined hands with his contemporary artists and created a company called United Artists.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

It was seen as a very great revolution in the cinema world at that time as during that time actors were working only for salary in big studios. Charlie Chaplin created his own studio to make a movie that satisfies him. He loved cinema to that extent. During this time Charlie Chaplin’s first marriage took place. He married a 16 year old actress named Mildred Harris.

The marriage took place as Mildred Harris accused that she was with a baby with Charlie Chaplin. To avoid any great issues surrounding her and to wrap up the issue, he married Mildred Harris. Only after the marriage was it revealed that she had lied. May be Charlie Chaplin was not too committed in the marriage due to this reason.

But they Mildred Harris had a son within a year. But the baby died within 3 days. The death of his first born was very depressing and the disappointment in the marriage gave him too much mental disturbance. He took his first full length feature film to escape all these disappointments. That movie was ” The kid

After “The Kid” he made movies like ” The Gold Rush” and also got his divorce from Mildred Harris. Charlie Chaplin married again when he was 35 years old. The marriage with Lita Grey his co-actor was also not a happy one. To escape the bitterness of his married life, Charlie Chaplin spent much of his time in his studio itself.

This angered Lita Grey to a greater extent. So she filed for divorce and at that time she accused Charlie Chaplin of many things. This became a hot discussed topic in the media and they fanned it even more. Charlie Chaplin was very upset that his image was getting damaged in the media. Under those very tensed circumstances he got his divorce from Lita Grey.

To escape this grave situation,Charlie Chaplin made and released a movie named “Circus” At the same time he got his divorce from Lita Grey. Though the divorce was much talked about in the media circles and his image and reputation was considered to have taken a beating, it never affected the response that “Circus” movie received.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

The movie” Circus” received tremendous response. In fact, it got many awards for acting, writing, directing in the first Oscar awards. Sound was introduced to cinema for the first time when “Circus ” was released. Till then cinema was silent But from then on cinema’s had sounds with dialogues. But Charlie Chaplin was not ready to update or adapt to the latest in cinema.

Charlie Chaplin thought his special character Tramp will lose its identity if he was given voice and lose out his individuality too. But he also saw the advantage of the sound that was included in cinemas. He understood that if he inserted BGM in the silent movies then the silent movies will have greater response among audience thought Charlie Chaplin. With that thought he produced and released the movie “City Lights” “City Lights” movie was well received and had a great welcome. He was appreciated that only Charlie Chaplin could create and give such a masterpiece.

At the same time, the greater challenge was can he take movies like “City Lights” as people have started enjoying movies with sound. Charlie Chaplin was confused if he would be able to with stand this challenge. But those who wanted to see Charlie Chaplin fail, said that He cannot take talking pictures and that his era has completed In this confused state, to relax and get a clarity in this regard, Charlie Chaplin undertook a world tour.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Charlie Chaplin’s World Tour

He went on a tour for 16 months and to almost all the most important countries in the world. He went to Russia, China, Japan and he also came to India and met Gandhiji. At that time, Gandhi had given him a diet plan too. Charlie Chaplin could realize the changes in his self as an individual during this journey only.

His political view points changed and he started to openly express his opinions on politics after this period only. Charlie Chaplin did not stop with speaking on the stage about his political opinions but that his creations should reveal his political side too at this point of time After returning to America from the World tour, he realized the anguish of the laborers in America.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

He felt that the modernization of the factories would cause intense damage to the livelihood of the factory laborers. That influenced him to release the movie ” Modern Times” ” Modern Times” received mixed response in the US. Certain people celebrated the movie and few others told that they did not like it. But after the release of this movie, Charlie Chaplin came under the suspicious eyes of the American politics.

Charlie Chaplin started talking about equality and socialism openly in all his stages. This angered the capitalist loving American government. Charlie Chaplin came under the radar of the FBI a secret investigative agency of America. At the same time, World war II broke out. Charlie Chaplin was angered by the dominant fascist forces and the atrocities committed by them.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

War hungry and power corrupt fascist dictatorship will only destroy humankind felt Charlie Chaplin and wanted to make a parody out of it and he made ” The Great Dictator” During that time Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler were compared and many essays were written in the media about them. The comparisons included both were born in the same year, they have the same small mustache and they were born poor and became rich. Like these many comparisons were made and written as essays in the media.

Charlie Chaplin made use of this to his advantage. Charlie Chaplin acted as and imitated Adolf Hitler in the character name of Adenoid Hynkel and performed in the movie dictator wearing costumes exactly resembling Adolf Hitler That movie was received well and had a tremendous response. In the climax, war is an unneeded one and peace should prevail over the world Charlie Chaplin spoke elaborately in the climax speech insisting on peace in that movie.

We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness not by each other’s misery He was very much liked for that speech he had given in the climax and the speech was well liked by all.In many stages he was asked to speak that last speech again and again Charlie Chaplin was requested by Roosevelt too over radio to speak that speech for him once.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Though his speech received so much of praise, FBI and other investigative agencies felt it was an unnecessary talk. Through that Charlie Chaplin was actually trying to impose communism on the American public was their thinking. After that movie, the FBI were actually wanting to curb Charlie Chaplin and his movies and were trying to find loopholes to arrest him.

The King In New York City

This was the time that America and Soviet Union were beginning their cold war Charlie Chaplin was a communist and he was a sympathizer of the communists said the FBI and tried framing him in this. Charlie Chaplin replied to the accusations and said I am trying to be a just man and a human being.

I think all men to be equal and each one has all rights to express their opinion rightfully and it is not wrong told Charlie Chaplin. This reply even infuriated the FBI. When they were searching for one piece to curb Charlie Chaplin and his activities they got a break in the form of a case. Joan Berry an actress accused Charlie Chaplin of giving her a baby. Charlie Chaplin refuted the charges as a lie.

Joan Barry filed a case in the court against his word. FBI decided to take advantage of this case to over throw Charlie Chaplin. To create mental disturbance to Charlie Chaplin they started releasing news about this case continuously in the media. FBI framed a negativity about Charlie Chaplin among the American public through the wrongful propaganda of the case.

The Americans started hating Charlie Chaplin to a great extent. To make matters worse and like adding fuel to the fire he married his secretary an 18 year old girl named Oona O’Neill. Even during this very depressing time,Charlie Chaplin released a movie named ” Monsieur Verdoux”. In that movie, he had another character other than the Tramp character and spoke dialogues and acted in it.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Charlie Chaplin had revealed his political stand even in that movie. That movie was a big failure in box office. After that failure Charlie Chaplin took another movie. It was named ” Lime Light” and it was a kind of an autobiography. Charlie Chaplin wanted to release it in London as the situation was not conducive in America at that time. To release that movie Charlie Chaplin started to London.

Charlie Chaplin’s Pilgrims life

After he had set off for London, the United States Attorney General James McGranary made an announcement. If Charlie Chaplin has to come back to America he has to avail special permission. As he has many accusations against him and he has to be present in the review that will be held as an interview and explain these accusations.

If the explanations are satisfactory we will allow him was the announcement. The news of the announcement came to Charlie Chaplin after 2.5 hours as he was in the journey After he heard of the announcement Charlie Chaplin decided not to go back to America.

Limelight movie released in London and was well received and appreciated all over the world except America. In America ” Limelight” movie had a very great opposition. They had protest asking the public to ignore the movie and the movie was greatly rejected by the American people. Charlie Chaplin did not utter any word against America as he had all his hard earned money and his properties in America.

He sent his wife O’ Neill to America to sort out the problems in America. The Chaplin couple decide to settle in Switzerland after selling off all the properties in America through O’Neill. They were firm in their decision and bought an estate measuring 35 acres of land and settled there.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1

Charlie Chaplin recorded with deep anguish and pain that he will not set foot in America that is full of hatred towards him in an interview. We have proof that Charlie Chaplin was working against the government of America and that is why we have banned him from entering the states claimed the FBI. FBI did not have any proof relating to their claims.

In the years after 2000, in the declassified files of the FBI, it came to light that there were actually. No proof against Charlie Chaplin and that they had lied to keep Charlie Chaplin away from the US. So the Americans chased away a great artist in tears and misery who through his acting skills could make any person in the world forget their misery and laugh.

America clapped hands and apologized to Charlie Chaplin

After Charlie Chaplin left America, he was invited as a special invited after 20 years to participate in the Oscar Awards. He accepted the invitation and set foot on the American soil after 20 years. Charlie Chaplin was given the Special Oscar for his contribution to cinema in this century to have made cinema a great art form and for his untiring hard work towards it.

In the Oscar celebration, when Charlie Chaplin’s name was announced he was given a standing ovation and was given a roaring applause for 15 minutes straight. Clapping sounds Those claps were not in appreciation of Charlie Chaplin’s works but a forgiveness from the entire American Society.

The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History - Part 1
The America chased Charlie Chaplin out of the USA, Untold Sad History – Part 1

Clapping sounds There is not going be an incredible artist who will be as great as Charlie Chaplin in either acting or in creating in the 20th or the 21st or in the coming centuries who could make people laugh and also make them think with his exceptional skills.

Charlie Chaplin, the unmatched artist and the historical legend who created fabulous history with his creations passed away on 25th December 1977 at the age of 88. Though he has passed away his creations and his fame will be immortal and forever on this earth.

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