These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY

Worst Snowmobiles

Do you remember when everyone thought the Titanic was unsinkable? Well, I doubt that you were alive back then. Many hearts were broken, and dreams were crushed. I guess that’s what happens when the product doesn’t live up to the hype. But people are allowed to make mistakes, right? In this Article, we would like to show you the TOP 5 worst snowmobiles of all time, which were a mistake we hope will never repeat.

Summit RT1000

2005 Summit Highmark 1000 When Skidoo released the 8000 summits REV, every snowmobile enthusiast drooled over its prospect. It was light, elegant, and reliable. What more could one wish for? So when they announced the release of Summit Highmark 1000 in 2005, no surprise that everyone was bouncing of the walls. But, turns out, the new, bigger sibling was.

These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY
These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY

well, none of the things we expected. During the first year, the endless electronic issues didn’t allow RT Summit to set the snowmobile world on its ear. Not to mention it weighed almost 600 pounds, making the handling not easy even for an experienced driver! Unfortunately, the expectations were quickly lowered, leaving the Summit RT 1000 in the history books for all of the wrong reasons.

Arctic Cat Powder Extreme

1997 Arctic Cat Powder Extreme If you rode in the mid-90s, you probably remember the bulletproof motor of Cat ZRT600. I mean. it was a literal beast! But the excitement and hype just got real when the Arctic Cat Powder Extreme was introduced. The formula was easy, the combination of winning ZRT with added deeper lugged-track, some mountain-specific goodies, and you were well on your way. However, no one expected the fiasco that followed.

These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY
These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY

Not only was the Powder Extreme 50 lb heavier than we expected, but that led to ZRT’s loss of its known power. Unskilled or lazy tuners could never wake up the performance that this mountain masher was supposed to have. So many people turned their backs on this model, and Powder Extreme remained on the market untouched.

Yamaha VMAX

1994 Yamaha Vmax4 750 ST This one’s sure to ruffle some feathers, but hear us out. Combined with Yamaha’s quality and its engineering marvel, the Vmax is really a great snowmobile. Or, at least…was. In 1996 an ST package was added to make it more “backcountry.”

These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY
These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY

But no one seemed to think about the fact that it needed more than 136′ track 1/118 lugs to make it a real powder hound. Besides, that same year Vmax had some serious rivalry in the industry. No way The Vmax could compete with the Snow King Special from Polaris! But let’s be honest, no matter how they tried, as a deep snow machine, it was useless.

Polaris RMK900

2005 Polaris RMK 900 In the 2000s, the snowmobile world was overflowing with some of the best machines of all time! Therefore, the expectations were very high, and the designers had to take risks in order to get attention from the buyers. And that’s what happened at Polaris as well. The RMK 900 was their first attempt to release a mountain beast with an A-arm chassis.

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At first, it was a success, and we were all just watching with our mouths wide open. So what happened? How did this snowmobile megastar go from the top to the bottom in seconds? Well, actually. thanks to a little bit of everything.

These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY
These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY

Some had clutch issues, some had pistol failures, and some crankshaft failures. The RMK couldn’t deal anymore with the angry faces of the customers, so after two seasons, it was discontinued. Some would say it’s a pity.

Arctic Cat Panther VIP

1974 Arctic Cat Panther VIP Now, I know the year 1974 seems like ages ago. But the Arctic Cat Panther VIP did leave a strong impression. Though, not in a good way. First of all, it was really expensive. I mean, at that time, spending two grand for a snowmobile was crazy! The only thing we get why someone would buy this machine is how unique it was.

A rich chocolate brown base color made it impossible to confuse it with any other snow beast! But the brown cat was also hefty due to the weight of the transmission, electric start, oil injection, and other extras. And many owners experienced fluid leakage problems too. Somehow they managed to sell over 4,000 of these, but most of the VIPs were stashed away in barns and sheds.

These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY
These Top 5 Worst Snowmobiles..! NEVER BUY

The sad part is they have a few miles on them and are still in good condition. But we doubt someone would like to relive the frustrating moments with these snowmobiles! Is there a snowmobile you would under no circumstances put your hands on? Let us know in the comments, snowmobile lovers!

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