Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States

Richest Streets

Imagine a luxurious villa for at least $50 million. What would be inside? Private cinema? Bowling alley? Golden Gucci Toilet? Would you put a helipad with diamond H outside? Trust me, there are streets where all these things and much more are a must-have for every single house. Girls and boys, prepare your wallets as we walk you through the top 5 Richest Streets In America!

Conway Farm Drive

Famous for being home to some of the most impressive mansions on the entire east coast, Conyers Farm Drive is really a part of heaven on earth. Well, if heaven has giant luxury mansions. Boasting past residents like Ron Howard, Tom Cruise, and Jessica Biel, this private community is a highly selective and dream place for many Hollywood diehard fans.

Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States
Conway Farm Drive, Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States

Located in the reputable Greenwich, the posh town has topped Money magazine’s “100 Best Places to Live” and has been the choice location for TV shows and films, including The Switch, Old Dogs, and The Profit. An average home here can cost you around 13.033 million dollars. Pfff…I might as well buy 2!

Lazy Lane Boulevard

With Houston being named No. 1 in the Fastest Growing Population of Multi-Millionaires, it’s no surprise that one of the wealthiest streets in the US can be found there. If you’re lucky enough to score a house in this community, you can expect people with a pretty thick bank account in your neighborhood. Being a home to 13 grand estates, Lazy Lane Boulevard is Texas’s most prestigious street located in Houston’s River Oaks area.

Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States
Lazy Lane Boulevard, Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States

This elegant place provides the seclusion and tranquility of the countryside while remaining close to downtown Houston. Only a multi-millionaire can afford a home here as you have to prepare around 15.42 million dollars to find your own place.

Beverly Bark Terrace

Here comes the dreamy street of many uber-rich Americans. Yeah, I’m talking about Beverly Park Terrace, the third richest street in America and one of the most exclusive guarded communities in Beverly Hills, where an average home can costs around 15.813 million dollars.

Inside the luxurious residential area is a long, private driveway that leads to an over five-acre estate surrounded by lush landscaping and sprawling lawns.

Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States
Beverly Bark Terrace, Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States

A grand circular road and fountain lead to the entrance, with a formal entryway embellished with 40-foot ceilings and elaborate crown moldings. Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy are among the celebrities who have chosen to live on this street, and they may even become your neighbors!

Beverly Park Circle

The list of the wealthiest streets in America cannot be completed without discussing Beverly Park Circle. This paparazzi-proof area sits on over two acres of land and is only accessible through two guarded checkpoints.

Often referred to as Los Angeles’ most exclusive gated community, it is home to a complex variety of A-list actors and actresses like Sylvester Stallone and Rod Stewart.

Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States
Beverly Park Circle, Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States

An average home on his extravagant enclave is almost 20 000 square feet, worth a minimum of 16.238 million dollars. Looking at that number, I guess I’ll probably stay in my old apartment.

Indian Creek Island Road

Also known as Billionaire bunker or the most prestigious address in America, Indian Creek Island Road is home to four of America’s top 500 most wealthy people. But we’re not talking just about a street. This is an entire island full of people with millions of dollars in their spare.

Each property here boasts stunning waterfront lots complete with spectacular views of, for example, a private 18-hole golf course. Woah, slow down cowboy, I know you’d definitely want to move in one of the houses on this street, but hey, you’re not alone.

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I’m afraid even if you had 100k to splurge on a property on this street, that kind of money would buy you that dog house over there! And that’s the best-case scenario! The residents of this richest street have their own police force, which protects the island 24/7. They keep checking this extravagant place by vehicles, boats, and Jetskis.

Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States
Indian Creek Island Road, Top 5 Richest Streets In The United States

If you’d want to consider yourself the average neighbor on this street, your home would need to cost at least $21.48 million. Wondering who seems to have this kind of bottomless pockets? This magnificent street is a home for Colombian billionaire Jaime Galinski or iconic singer Julio Iglesias. So which one of these amazing streets you’re planning to visit first?

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