Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World You Can Now BUY..!

Largest Private Islands

Okay, so you already know you can buy yourself a private island, sometimes literally even for a few bucks! In this Article, we’ll show you the top 5 largest private Islands you can actually buy.

La Sistina Island, Argentina

When I say Argentina, you probably think of soccer, hot chicks, and maybe pope, but its beautiful landscapes or large islands don’t fall behind. If you’re looking for the largest private islands, you can’t forget about the 1730-acre La Sistina island, located in the country’s southern region. It is surrounded by clear water ranging from deep blue to light green and is home to many precious animal species such as deer and antelope.

I’m not saying those are included in the deal, but hey, if you catch one, it’s definitely yours! Apart from that, birds, including ducks, hares, peacocks, and partridges, make it a dream wildlife reservation for any nature fan, as well as for bird gourmets.

Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World
La Sistina Island, Argentina, Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World

Plus, the deal includes this exceptional colonial-style villa with its own electricity and fresh water supply. It’s big enough to house up to 18 guests, and with excellent accommodation facilities, this is a perfect space for wild parties. If you can shell out 1.5 million dollars.

Koome Island, Uganda

Living on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean might sound a little scary. So why don’t you try something more chill? On the largest and most famous body of water in Africa, Lake Victoria, Koome Island is only 45 minutes from Entebbe international airport in Uganda. Spread over whopping 3053 acres of land, the island with rich soil supports various plants, including palms, pineapples, and other local fruit.

Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World
Koome Island, Uganda, Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World

If you want to start eating healthy, this is the place, cause that’s the only thing you’ll find here. Almost half of the area is covered with hardwood which gives this place a matchless natural beauty. You can enjoy such views all day, every day. The only thing that might stop you is the hefty price tag of 4 million dollars.

Pearl Island, Panama

If you watched one of our previous article, you already know that turning an island into a holiday resort might be a great investment idea. This large island, which spans 3707 acres, is completely undeveloped, with a dense canopy of rainforest-type vegetation covering the whole surface. Basically untouched, waiting for you to build something special. It has 1.5 kilometers of shoreline and 18 kilometers of oceanfront.

Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World
Pearl Island, Panama, Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World

Perfect for those hot summer days! You can do everything here, from sport fishing to diving, even running naked on the beach in the morning! No one can stop you. Sign the deal, and you’ll even end up with an additional small island Isla Aguja that owners throw in as a gift. All you have to pay is 12.5 million dollars. But close your wallet just yet. We have other islands to show you.

Batchawana Island, Canada

This incredible location is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own one of Canada’s most admired private islands. Batchawana Island is located on Lake Superior, the world’s biggest freshwater lake in the Canadian seas. Let’s assume you have no problems spending 11.57 million dollars. Then, nobody can stop you from becoming the single owner of this 5,200-acre island.

Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World
Batchawana Island, Canada, Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World

It is entirely forested and undeveloped and looks much the same today as it did a thousand years ago. Practically waiting for you to start making your dreams a reality. There is no better alternative for the one who wants to leave a lasting property for future generations than investing in this fantastic island! Well..apart from loading your pockets with dogecoin!

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Cebaco Island, Panama

Here comes the largest private island you can possibly snap up! Cebaco Island is really a hidden gem that includes stunning 360-degree views with precious wildlife species. And with a massive land area of 7410 acres, it’s probably bigger than many cities of Alaska. It’s undoubtedly tropical heaven, consisting of nearly 5,000 acres of mature forests and 2,500 acres of plantations filled with native hardwood trees.

Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World You Can Now BUY..!
Cebaco Island, Panama, Top 5 Largest PRIVATE ISLANDS In The World

Moreover, the Cebaco Island consists of a four-bedroom beach house with sweeping ocean views on the island’s Playa El Cedro and a three-bedroom house on the mainland located about 500 feet from Playa Reina. Ready to move in? Hah, well, then you better pack some additional 15 million dollars with you! So, which of these largest islands are you getting? Let us know in the comments, and while you’re still here, check out these Articles on our Website as well!

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