Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!

Solar Powered Yachts

You might have seen plenty of magnificent yachts cruising around our channel, but today, we’re aiming for something different. What if I tell you that you can travel without worrying about the fuel? All you need is good sunny weather. In this Article, we will show you the top 5 best solar-powered yachts you can actually buy!

Silent 55 Luxury Yacht | Silent Yachts

Can you hear that? Exactly! With Silent 55 solar yacht, you don’t have to worry about frightening away the dolphins with loud engine sounds. Enjoy the calmness and serenity of nature while cruising at a comfortable speed of 8 knots or a max speed of 14 knots. The 54-feet long boat is available in five different layouts so you can find your ideal captain’s quarters.

Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!
Silent 55 Luxury Yacht | Silent Yachts, Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!

The fantastic transparent mirrors allow you to enjoy a 360-degree view while cruising the sea, and the spacious cabins and plenty of space on the deck offer endless fun. There’s no denying that the Silent 55 is an excellent companion for modern-day pirates or anyone who wants to connect with the sea. So why don’t I become a new owner of this stunning beauty? Yeah, cause with the price tag of 1.6 million, I’m pretty sure my card won’t go through.

Serenity 64 | Serenity Yachts

Go off-grid and experience total freedom. The Ultra-cool Serenity 64, designed by Serenity Yachts, is another addition to the world of solar-powered luxury yachts. Available in different designs, the Serenity 64 can run at a cruising speed of between four and six knots or at the top speed of up to 16 knots.

Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!
Serenity 64 | Serenity Yachts, Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!

But that’s not all solar power does for this yacht. It also drives all of the amenities, such as a combined galley and saloon on the main deck and four VIP cabins with ensuites, along with one crew cabin. With a price of 3.3 million dollars, this luxury yacht is a pleasure for both you and the environment.

Soel Senses 48 | Soel Yachts

This sun-driven yacht is an excellent choice for adventurers or anyone looking to haul things around an island. To provide you a complete feel of the serenity that water offers, the superyacht delivers a noiseless and very comfortable voyaging.

In fact, the solar-powered superyachts list is incomplete without adding the Soel Senses 48 into it. With an elegant yet simple design, the 48ft long yacht has a large seating area and offers space to lounge and enjoy BBQ and dinners with your boys.

Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!
Soel Senses 48 | Soel Yachts, Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!

Especially while hitting a cruising speed of 10 knots or a more adventurous top speed of 18. Interested? Just put in an offer and let the saving…I mean fun…begin!

Serenity 74 | Serenity Yachts

Known as the Tesla of yachts, Serenity Yachts have made an impressive entry into our list for the second time. And now, we’re talking. The Serenity 74 is fitted with 1,184 square feet of solar panels and can cruise at 7 to 9 knots infinitely.

The luxury space includes a combined galley and saloon on the main deck, four VIP cabins with ensuites, and two separate cabins along with baths in the forepeaks, which can be set up for family or crew.

Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!
Serenity 74 | Serenity Yachts, Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!

Every aspect of the eco-friendly yacht has been designed to enhance efficiency and provide a peaceful sailing experience, from the carbon fiber hulls to the hydraulic motors. Price? 5.5 million dollars.

Silent 80 | Silent Yachts

Even the Silent Yachts have delivered another superyacht bombshell, and it’s not falling behind. It’s actually standing on the very top of our list! This solar-powered Silent 80 is built to propel without making too much electrical noise, even if you hit a top speed of 16 knots. An incredible array of 70 solar panels, electric motors, and lithium batteries ensure that the energy you use is environmentally friendly and fair to the sea.

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It contains a sunbed, wraparound lounge, and Jacuzzi in addition to a large deck area, and study space, walk-around closet, and sauna included in a magnificent master suite. Luxury for you AND for mother nature! But how deep into the pocket do you need to go?

Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!
Silent 80 | Silent Yachts, Top 5 Best SOLAR POWERED Yachts You Can Buy..!

Well, at least to the bottom of your jeans, as this boat costs around 4.7 million dollars. You say you’re not a big fan of mother nature; why don’t you just get the cheapest V12 cars you can possibly buy then?

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