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Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Your Face in the Relationships Niche. Hello everyone! Welcome to CLUES TIPSTER and welcome back to another article. In today’s article, I will show you how to make Faceless Cash Cow YouTube videos in the Relationships Niche. I’ll also show you some example channels in the relationship niche and tell you how much they make.

I will inform you about the various sub-niches in the relationship niche and tell you which sub-niche earns 35 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks, so stay tuned for that! You might notice the topics of the videos are coming from conversations I have with viewers in the comments section or from polls in the Facebook page. So be sure to comment on the article and participate in the polls to tell me what kind of content you’d like to Read. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

If you want to start a YouTube channel but don’t want to pick a fad that will be gone tomorrow, selecting one of the evergreen niches will ensure your channel always remains relevant. It takes a lot of effort to start a YouTube channel. Furthermore, generating a consistent stream of traffic for your channel can take a long time, especially if you’re starting from scratch. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick a niche that will be profitable throughout and pay you well for years to come.

So one should choose an evergreen niche. An evergreen niche retains its value and relevance over time. People will always have an interest in or need it until the end. Relationships are a great evergreen niche because we are a social species constantly needing to initiate, nurture, and maintain positive relationships.

The dating niche is a popular evergreen sub-niche of the relationship market. There will always be people interested in dating or who require assistance with their love life. The good thing about the relationship niche is that it has a lot of narrower sub-niches that a YouTuber can focus on, allowing the YouTuber to become a trusted authority in that area. As a result, a swarm of happy, loyal followers is waiting to be nurtured and converted into paying customers.

Niche Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Face!
Top 25 VIRAL Ideas To Start a Faceless Cash YouTube Channel

Are you ready to discover the best faceless YouTube video topics and ideas for the relationship niche? Then join me in the world of the relationship niche. Let me begin by giving you some examples of micro-niches in the relationship niche and explaining what you could be talking about. The “love” niche is the first sub-niche in the Relationship niche.

One of the most untapped relationship sub-niches is love as a standalone YouTube niche idea. True, a lot of relationship YouTubers talk about love. However, only a few make love a significant theme in their YouTube content. But did you know that you can entirely focus on love and create amazing faceless cash cow videos that will drive traffic and convert visitors to customers like crazy?

You might think, “Isn’t that too specific a niche for a whole video?” You will never run out of YouTube video content ideas if you are creative. Research indicates that CPMs for the love sub-niche are between 2 50 to 10 50 per 1000 monetized playbacks. Here are some high-performance content ideas for the love sub-niche.

How to Know if a Man or Woman Loves You, Signs Your Guy or Girl Is Unfaithful, Best Times to Propose to Your Girlfriend, Amazing 50 Intimacy Tips, 20 Signs You Love Someone, and Much More. I could go on forever. However, remember that each video title you select must first be subjected to extensive keyword research. There is a simple but effective method for accomplishing this. Publish videos that directly answer the questions that internet users have about the subject of love. Another sub-niche is dating. Dating, as previously stated, is one of the most popular relationship niche blog ideas available. So it’s simple to observe what other YouTubers in the dating niche are doing and emulate them.

Best Niche Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Face!

It is possible to make your dating videos stand out. Look around for the basic dating questions that people still cannot answer. You can beat the competition this way. In this highly competitive relationship sub-niche, your chances of becoming a successful YouTuber will improve. Here are some examples of YouTube video titles for a dating channel. “The top ten dating tips for singles,” “what dating means to a guy or girl,” “the top ten benefits of dating,” “the top twenty online dating sites to find love,” and many more. The dating niche has super high CPMs, as it’s a very popular subject, and advertisers like dating platforms are eager to pay to get in front of your viewers. Research indicates that CPMs for the dating sub-niche are between 7 to 32 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks.

For any new YouTuber looking for the best relationship niche YouTube channel ideas, courtship can also be a profitable micro-niche. True, love and courtship usually go hand in hand. So you may wonder how it is possible to make a video about courtship rather than love. Here’s the short answer. Yes, any YouTube video about courtship or dating must include information about love. The difference is that for your courtship video, that topic becomes the central topic that determines the overall character of your video. Let’s look at some video content title ideas for this sub-topic of the relationship niche. “What should the length of courtship be?” “Can you kiss during courtship?” “10 Tips to Help You Learn More About Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend,” “10 Differences Between Dating and Courtship” and many more.

Many people don’t using the term “courting” anymore, and the CPM for the courtship micro-niche reflects this. Research indicates that CPMs for the courtship micro-niche are between 75 cents to 4 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks. Another sub-niche within the relationship niche is wedding and engagement. Starting a wedding channel is a fantastic idea. If for no other reason, small weddings are popular these days. Weddings are among the most popular social events in every culture and religion worldwide. So, what does this mean for a YouTuber searching for the best relationship channel ideas? A lot! If done correctly, your wedding channel has a good chance of receiving the traffic volume you desire.

Best Niche Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Face!

There are numerous bestselling wedding-related products to promote if you want to monetize your channel through affiliate marketing. A wedding channel can also be used to market a startup by people passionate about event planning and organization. Interestingly enough, weddings and engagements aren’t going to be as popular a topic as dating, and the CPM rates reflect this. Research indicates that CPMs for the wedding sub-niche are between 2 50 to 13 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks. There are just fewer large companies looking to sell viewers on a wedding than there are trying to sell them on a dating app. Before we get too far into it, I’m not sure if it’s for you, but if you know someone who’s interested in growing their channel and dominating YouTube, then have them subscribe to this channel for more content like this.

Just imagine if you had 10,000 dollars more in your bank account every month. Use my link in the description if you’d like to try an absolutely FREE YouTube course that can grow your channel from zero to 10,000 dollars in profit on YouTube without showing your own face, using your own voice, or making videos at all. Another sub-niche within the Relationship niche is divorce. Unfortunately, in today’s world, divorce has become an unavoidable part of marriage. The Center for Disease Control says there were 630,505 divorces on average in the United States in 2020. The data also suggests that 45% of marriages in the United States end in divorce. Divorce among people over 50 is on the rise in the United States.

The trend in divorce rates is similar in many other countries. If you are an attorney interested in divorce issues, there is a large market is waiting to be explored. You can launch your own divorce niche channel and use it to promote your legal services. But you don’t have to be a divorce lawyer to be a successful YouTuber in this relationship sub-niche. Do you have a divorce? Have you ever been through a difficult divorce? Perhaps you have additional training in marriage and divorce counseling. Anyone desiring to assist others with divorce issues can make a faceless YouTube video in the divorce sub-niche. Unsurprisingly, CPMs in the divorce sub-niche are higher than in the rest of the genre.

CPMs for the divorce sub-niche are between 6 to 35 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks. Now that I’ve explained what the relationship niche is all about let me show you an example channel in this niche so you can see how these faceless YouTube videos are made. The first channel I’d like to recommend to you is ‘Social Psychology Masters’. We know this is a faceless cash cow YouTube channel because it uses stock footage to create faceless YouTube videos in the relationship niche. This channel currently has 346,000 subscribers and earns 2.4 million views per month. Social Blade estimates the channel earns approximately 623 dollars to 10,000 dollars per month, but we know that isn’t accurate. Social Blade uses a CPM estimate of 25 cents to 4 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks.

Best Niche Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Face!

We know videos in the dating sub-niche have a CPM of 7 to 32 dollars per 1000 monetized playbacks. Since Social Psychology Masters receives 2.4 million monthly views, we can estimate that this channel earns between 16,800 and 76,800 dollars per month before YouTube takes its 45% cut. The strategy is still the same if you look at their videos. No one is revealing their identity in front of the camera; instead, they show random stock footage with a voiceover playing in the background.

This channel has videos like “14 signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show it” and “13 things men love in women.” So, what is going on in these videos is that they are giving women advice for them to understand their men better. You don’t need special skills to produce videos like this on your channel because you can outsource the work to be done for you.

So, how does one make these faceless videos in the relationship niche? Allow me to demonstrate. The advantage of this method is that you can get started for free. When your channel earns money, you can reinvest it and expand by creating channels in different niches. This is how you can run a variety of channels. The first thing you’ll need is a title when making these videos. As I previously stated, once you have identified the sub-niche that you want to focus on, you can search for possible questions that people want to be answered in that sub-niche and use those as the title of your video. Another way to get video title ideas is to go to popular channels in your niche and recreate some of their most popular videos.

For example, on the ‘Social Psychology Masters’ channel, you can change the title of their video from “13 things men love in women” to “Top 10 things men love in women.” I’d put them in my own words and everything. So, I’d recommend you go to some of these channels and recreate their most popular videos in your own words, keeping the videos to around 10 minutes. Following the title selection, you must conduct research and write a script.

If you have more time than money, I recommend writing your script. If you cannot write a good script and have more money than time, you can use my link in the description to hire a freelancer from to write the entire script. The structure of a script must be established first. While some freelancers will write a full script for you, it will not be a blank canvas if you can provide the structure.

Starting with a blank canvas can be difficult, especially if you do it yourself. You’ll need to do a lot of research on the subject, including watching many videos and taking notes. Your script will look amazing. The next step after writing the script is to record the voiceover. If you don’t think you’ll be able to finish the voiceover to your satisfaction, you can always outsource it to someone who can do it professionally through Numerous people can do voiceovers for you on the platform, so I would look for the cheapest one. Again, this presumes that you have more money than time. If you have more time than money, I recommend doing your voiceovers. This is precisely what most YouTubers do when they first launch their channel. If you want to record it yourself, you’ll need a microphone.

I recommend using your phone if you don’t want to spend the money on a good microphone. Most people watching this video, I’m sure, have a smartphone, and recording voiceovers is as easy as using your phone’s built-in voice recording program. So, now that you’ve finished your script and voiceover, it’s time to start collecting videos, images, and content for your video. For stock videos, visit or If you have more money than time, you can use AI-assisted video editing software like Pictory or Flexclip to compile your copyright-free clips in under 5 minutes.

Use my links in the description to get this software for free. If you’re making a video about people, you can always go to and search for stock videos. Remember that the videos you use must make sense with the voiceover. If you’re talking about people in the voiceover, you don’t want to show an image or video of a vehicle.

Best Niche Make Money on YouTube WITHOUT Showing Face!

As a result, make sure the voiceover matches the photo or video on the screen. So, after finding the pictures you want to use, you must choose the video resolution and click the download button. All that remains is to combine your script, voiceover, and downloaded videos. You’re done if you used Pictory and FlexClip for free, as I mentioned earlier. If you want to edit the videos on your phone, I recommend downloading PowerDirector, which allows you to edit and upload your videos to YouTube. Assuming you were using a computer, I’d recommend it because it has many features that a phone doesn’t have.

It will allow you to optimize your videos better. If you’re working on a computer, I recommend OpenShot, which can be found at Openshot, or Camtasia, which is even better because it allows you to record your audio within it, making things even more accessible. Now that I’ve shown you how to make videos in the relationship niche, let’s talk about monetization.

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You can begin running advertisements when your channel has 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers. To include many ad breaks, I recommend making your videos at least eight minutes long. I recommend including an ad every two minutes after you’ve monetized your video, one at the beginning and one at the end. You can make a lot of money from ad revenue, but let’s talk about other monetization options that could help you make more than just ad revenue. Because YouTube AdSense is just one of the money sources we’ve looked at, let’s look at some other monetization methods. Another way to monetize your uploaded videos is through affiliate marketing. Because it is so simple, this is the most popular monetization method. As a result, you are essentially a middleman who connects a buyer to a program or a product in exchange for a commission.

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Assume you go to an affiliate marketplace, such as, where you can sell thousands of different items. When you’ve found the product, you want to promote, include a link to it in the description and pin it in the comment section of each video you upload. All you have to do is notify your viewers of the links you shared in that video. It’s critical to understand that if an affiliate product is related to the content, they were looking at, the likelihood of them purchasing it skyrockets. As a result, choosing a product related to the video you’re making is essential for earning a second income. If you enjoyed this Article then check out this article on your screen that I’ve selected just for you! Thanks for Reading, and I’ll see you in the next article.

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