10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon – 35-70 USD

Friends, today we are going to tell you abut such Tech gadgets Update, which you have neither seen or heard anywhere Friends, in today’s article, there are some amazing gadgets Like a small flashlight and one such earbud that you can keep on your phone So friends stay with us till the end of the Article, and yes subscribe the website, So that you do not miss the upcoming specials Let’s move on Cool Gadgets to this Article of today.

Mini S magnetic speaker

we have become free from the hassle of wires. But somewhere Friends, today with the help of Bluetooth speaker, we still do not know the experience of positionable stereo sound And to overcome this shortcoming, Mini S magnetic speakers have been made You can set this speaker up wherever you want by connecting it to Bluetooth Its strong magnetic feature hold it firmly anywhere You can see how, after putting it on any pole, or any metallic surface You can enjoy stereo music experience The most important thing is that, You also get a metallic sticker with it.

With the help of which you can stick the mini speaker in those places Where there are no metals, like kitchen Bathroom, living room, bedroom, on top of shelf, on toaster, on fridge, on bicycle, on your laptop, Literally you can set it wherever you want These speakers work well everywhere.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
Mini S magnetic speaker, Tech gadgets update

It takes only 50 minutes to charge. After that it works for 8 hours without any interruption, So friends it’s time to say goodbye to cables and the rest of the speakers.

DJI Action 2

DJI Action 2 is an Ultra versatile, Powerful action camera Magnetic design of Action Duo camera makes it the most special With the help of which you can adjust it anywhere and record your actions. It is 100 Percent portable & wearable and also is 10 Meter Water Proof. This camera has been designed with a lot of thought.

Its lens can shoot 150 degree angle simultaneously Let’s talk about the internal features of the camera, Dude this camera gives smooth footage with 4K 120 fps while shooting And automatically stops recording with the help of stop recording time.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
DJI Action 2, Tech gadgets update

Can continuously record up to 3 minutes of standard 4K 120 fps video And can record up to a full 5 minutes in High 4k 120 fps This is also Horizon Steady, that is, no matter how wild, tough the action is Won’t even feel the slightest shaking while shooting with this DJI A C-2 Not just action, with this camera you can take high quality selfies too You can record your own sports in HD by fitting it to your forehead. Then it will look nothing less than a recording of a movie.

Hunt 3.0

The Smallest Multifunctional Flashlight. Hunt 3.0 is designed to make our lives easier. It has powerful flash light on a side and mini pry bar on the other side. so that it is there for you when you need it. It is made from premium quality titanium and has been designed in such a way.

that by putting it in the key ring, with your keys, in Zipper, in bag packs, or can be attached anywhere. Let’s talk about its flashlight. Friends, three LED color light options are available in this small tool Which is Hundred lumens SMD LED, UV which is 50 lumens EDC UV light.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
Hunt 3.0T, ech gadgets update

and Red which with 65 lumens provides you vision with lowest light It is hundred percent water proof, which you can see comfortably even under water by turning on the light. There is also a mini pry bar on the other end, which allows multifunctional features such as lead opener, screwdriver, box opener, pill splitter, bag opener, scratching, and many other things. With its help, you by reducing the use of your hand in public places, can keep yourself safe. Guys it may be small but its uses are very big.

Clamp-on adjustable Arm-rest by Vivo

Well as big as its name, it works more than that. You must have experienced that whenever we are on the computer then we feel pain in our arms. That’s because we don’t have anything there to support you And without support the work load is high.

In such a situation, today we have brought such a gagets for you Which you can adjust anywhere and make rest and support for yourself. Not only does it look cool but it also has a mouse plate. it has been specially designed keeping the vision in our hands.

that you can see that by tightening it like a screw, fitted on a table or chair. After that you can give rest to your arms while working By working with this Arm Rest your mouse will move fluently and there will be no pain in arms.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
Clamp-on adjustable Arm-rest by Vivo, Tech gadgets update

So guys, isn’t it a wonderful thing? Well I found it so amazing. really. By the way you can buy it on amazon.com


Friends, if you have iPhone 12 then this gadget is very useful for you. This is the world’s first earbuds TWS with Magsafe Which is specially made for iPhone 12 and later versions Let’s assume that after Bluetooth comes to you, it has become very easy for us to listen to audio.

But friends still with some problem like, bluetooth connection failure, Audio shutters, handling earbud case, these can be improved. These earbuds are built with all these improvements.

These can be attached not only to iPhone 12 but to any metallic phone. It is secured on the back of your phone without fear of losing.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
SNAPODS TWS earbuds, Tech gadgets update

It is also water proof and is also prepared for tough actions. By the way friends if we talk about sound quality It’s sound quality is also very amazing.

Lybra balance lamp

Friends, a balanced thing holds a lot of energy with it. A perfectly balanced object is same in every situation. You can see this lamp as an example. This is a balance lamp that you can place on anything in the world.

It’ll be at a perfect balance on all those things No matter how much you shake, it will never fall This is such a lamp that does not need any stand However, a stand part is also available with it which houses the charging compartment. But you can put it anywhere else also.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
Lybra balance lamp, Tech gadgets update

Now you must be thinking that why we need this lamp. Friends this lamp is just like others. But there are so many additional features inside it that you will be surprised to hear Friends, you can put this lamp outside the house without any wire It looks beautiful and it is also very easy to set up Just pick it up and keep it anywhere. Even if the storm comes. It won’t even move from its place.

Nano bag 3.0.

The ultimate usable shopping bag. Friends, we all miss one thing in shopping Shopping bag. whenever we forget to bring our own carry bag Even if the goods are small, but the bag has to be bought And seeing close to 25 in the bill, we start getting angry with ourselves isn’t it?

Well, whatever, today we are going to tell you about such a mini bag which will remove all the problems regarding the carry bag It is nano bag 3.0, Whose size will probably be as much as your finger But on opening, it will become a big bag.

in which you can do not one or two but up to 30 kg of goods Once you keep these expandable bags in your pocket, then understand That shopping bag took you forever.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
Nano bag 3.0., Tech gadgets update

In this you can keep all your shopping materials together Then there will be no need to buy expensive carry bags again and again.

13 in one, USBC hub with ergonomic laptop stand

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
13 in one, USBC hub with ergonomic laptop stand, Tech gadgets update

There will be many people who are engaged on laptop all day And somewhere you start getting irritation, Because friends, it is not easy to sit in one place and work all day And we feel like changing the position of our laptop But we can not do it because the size of the table cannot be big Not only this, our table is completely filled with the charging cable And everything seems absolutely meesed up. So we don’t want to work.

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You guys, it seems like a very small thing to see. But somewhere, the person who sat on the table was sitting on the laptop all day, it’s a big problem for him. If there is a problem now there will be a solution too So friends in front of you -13 in one, USB hub with ergonomic laptop stand With the help of which you can make your boring work interesting With the help of this, you can bring your laptop to the comfortable position, In which you can charge your phone and laptop and three devices simultaneously With this gadget, we can open the display on three additional screens simultaneously.

Capsule Most Versatile and portable Tire pump

Friends, have your tyres ever cheated on you? If not given then you are very lucky Because how much pain this deception hurts, only the one who has gone through it can understand Yes, friends, this happens often with us too, that we go somewhere far away with our car Then it turns out that there is no air in the tyre If you have another tyre then it’s not a problem, But you don’t have a second fill tyre, There is no mechanic shop nearby So brother you are going to get stuck very badly.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
Capsule Most Versatile and portable Tire pump, Tech gadgets update

It’s useless to think about what happens now You are going to be satisfied to hear about this gadget right now. Because it’s a moving tyre pump guys.

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You can carry this pump anywhere Because one comes in a small enough size guys, And you can inflate your car tyre well in just 6 minutes Not just cars, motorcycles, bikes, cycles, all kinds of tyres, you can fill the air in minutes It’s also very easy to charge this pump. And once it is charged.

Then there is no need to charge for several days. There is also a torch light in it, which you can use the torch during the night.

C Sense air protective bike

Now come to today’s last product whose name is C sense. friends if you use bicycle So a big tension for you is where to park your bicycle, Because by parking anywhere, we are afraid of theft of bicycles. In such a situation, very great gadgets have come for you.

10 New Cool Gadgets You Can Buy on Amazon | Under 35 to 70 USD
C Sense air protective bike, Tech gadgets update

name is C Sense. By fitting this gadget on your bicycle, you can track its location. And not only that, after installing it even if someone touches your bicycle, you’ll get a notification That is, now you can leave your bicycle anywhere and look around.

So friends, today we have told you about 10 gadgets Which of these did you like the best, please tell us in the comment section. And friends like this Article, share with your friends and subscribe the website Thank you guys for Reading the Article till the end. See you with next article. Till then good bye.

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