Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Cars, money, fame. We all know that people like John Cena, Paris Hilton, and my good old friend, Jay Leno, all have insane car collections But there’s some celebrities that you might not even think of as car people, and they have some really surprisingly, very cool cars. From NFL players, to rappers, to YouTubers. Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Today, we’re gonna talk about 13 of the most surprising cars, owned by famous people and guys, some of these cars are ludicrous. Remember, we love you, this is 👀-List.

Conan O-Brien

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Conan O-Brien, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Not only does Conan have one of the craziest, bulging eye veins that I’ve ever seen, this guy also wrote some of the best episodes of “The Simpsons”. That’s a show from when I was a kid. Conan’s done pretty well for himself, and I’m sure he could afford to pick up a pretty sweet ride or two. However, to this day, his pride and joy remains a 1992 Ford Taurus? “Why?” you asked. Well, he’s owned it for almost 30 years. This was the car that he drove when he first started hosting late night TV back in the ’90s, back when I was a kid, back when some of you guys wasn’t even born. But this Ford Taurus is actually dope, and that is because it is a Taurus SHO, and the SHO was different.

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S-H-O stands for super high output, and boy, oh boy, were they were right. This Taurus came with a Yamaha made V6 engine producing 220 hrsprs, this thing can rip. I mean, you might not know it by looking at it but the Ford Taurus SHO competed with the BMW 5 Series at the time, and was one of the original sleeper cars. I seriously love Conan O’Brien. He was the first comedian that I saw, and I was like, “Hey, I wanna go be funny for a living.” Hopefully, I’m doing it. So send him a tweet and say, “Conan, I really love your SHO.”

YBN Nahmir

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
YBN Nahmir, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

YBN Nahmir. – And one of my favorite cars on this list belongs to a rapper with hundreds and millions of YouTube views. I’m talking about YBN Nahmir. Now, lots of rappers have flashy new cars but YBN Nahmir chose to drive and tune his own 350Z. I think that’s really really cool. I mean he’s a Z-boy, just like me and Nolan, and Zach Jobe, and Aaron, and if you haven’t checked out our other show, HiLow, it’s kinda like a rap video, but it doesn’t have music, and the episodes are all like 45 minutes long, and it’s mostly about Nolan getting sad ’cause his car breaks. Nahmir bought his 350 in 2019 and when he got it, it looked kinda like low car, but I think it’s starting to come together pretty good. It’s got a really nice body kit. It’s got big old front splitter.

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I like that van and hood. I got one of those. It even has brake rotors with his name on them, which I think is a super cool flex, and I regret not doing to high car. So he plans on turning this car into a drift missile. And I hope more kids in and out of the music industry see this and think about buying the cars that we all love and spending their money making them look awesome instead of just buying new Lambos and stuff. If you’re watching this, Nahmir, we have a full version of the “Pop-Up Headlights” song that could really really use a verse.

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars – is known as the second most successful member of the Black Eyed Peas, right after He’s a true visionary, lending his talents to the fashion industry, the art world, and saying the R word 24 times in one song. He’s got an aesthetic, for sure, and apparently, he loves cars. Now, this car, this car started life as a plain old Volkswagen Beetle that is before Will turn it over to car-modding legends. They’re a group guys known for subtlety, West Coast Customs.

What he wanted was a version of the car driven by (beep) Tracy in the always timely movie from 1990. After $900,000 in modifications, West Coast Customs finished this weird car. This isn’t the only weird car that Will has in his garage. There’s this wide body Tesla Model S, and this DeLorean fully rebodied and dubbed the IAMAUTO. Well, I am impressed. No, you might not get this $900,000 Volkswagen Beetle but you can’t argue with the fact that it is very unusual.

Elon Musk PPW 306R

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Elon Musk PPW 360R, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Elon Musk. – Elon Musk paid a million dollars for this car but the people that he bought it from only paid a hundred dollars. As the story goes, back in 1989, a couple from Long Island paid $100 for a storage locker and found this 1976 Esprit inside. At first, they didn’t know what they had until somebody passed them on the road as they were towing it home, radioed them on a CB radio and said, “Hey there, good buddy, you know that’s Wet Nellie, right?” Turns out that the car was the Lotus Esprit used in the James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me” and not just any Lotus Esprit used in the James Bond movie, “The Spy Who Loved Me”, but the actual underwater one.

Wet Nellie, they call her, Wet Nellie, they call her. Apparently, they call her Wet Nellie. I don’t know who they is, James, who’s they? I don’t know but they call her Wet Nellie. They put her up for auction in 2013, and a telephone bidder paid $997,000. That bidder was none other than Tesla CEO, professional spaceman, and father of (electronic whirring) Elon Musk. He’s gonna try and convert Wet Nellie to have a Tesla drivetrain and then, see if he can make it transform from land to sea for real. Speaking of Teslas.

Simone Giertz

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Simone Giertz, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Simone Giertz. – Simone Giertz is one of the raddest people on YouTube, the engineer and self-titled Queen of (beep) Robots has a long history of building machines that are hilarious, inventing home hacks that work, and sometimes just you know fooling around. All in the name of science. Most recently though, Simone undertook the biggest build of her life. She made a Tesla truck before Tesla ever even frickin’ made a frickin’ truck. So we here at Donut are no strangers to the world of incredible car customization. We’re the guys that turned a Dodge Dakota into a Gucci flip-flop, and then, gave it to Bad Baby. That took us a day. Simone and her team spent a year planning before they even made the first cut. I also just wanna take a moment again, to apologize to all of our Australian fans for calling the Holden Maloo a truck in a previous episode, I think about it every day.

It’s not a truck, it’s a Yute, and it doesn’t have a bed, it has a tray. (scene thudding) – [Announcer] Guy Fieri. – Guy Fieri loves cars. Now, you might have noticed his cherry red 67 Camaro from the opening of his show but what a lot of people don’t know is that Guy has a bigger collection back home. And much like his goatee, the color choice of his cars is a little SUS, and by SUS, I mean suspendas. That’s right, Guy Fieri owns a ton of yellow cars. I love yellow cars, we made a whole video about it. I’ll put the link in the description below. Now, Guy’s got a yellow CJ5 jeep, a yellow Chevelle, yellow Camaro, yellow Corvette, a yellow Kodiaq, another yellow Corvette, a yellow Gallardo, a yellow DB9. It’s a frickin’ golden shower of cars at Guy Fieri’s house. Guy is a man of impeccable taste and an all-around really great human. So can we all just agree to not hate on Guy Fieri anymore? He’s cool, and you know who else is cool?

Meek Mill

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Meek Mill, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Meek Mill. – Meek Mill is from the city of brotherly love. But sometimes you gotta protect yourselves, so that’s probably why he decided to invest in a Conquest Knight XV SUV, and I use the term SUV very generously. Built in Canada and limited to a production run of just 100, this armored go anywhere, go through anything SUV is powered by either a 6.7 liter Ford Turbo Diesel V8 or 6.8 liter V10. Conquest offers upgrades and options including a built-in gen survival kit, multiple armor levels. It’s even got an under vehicle bomb detection. Your car is like– – [Announcer] Just a heads up, you’re on a bomb right now. – Even more impressive is the price, $629,000. $629,000, $629,000, mommy. This thing is as close to a tank as you can get legally if you’re not a cop. It’s definitely not the meekest car that you can buy.

Shaquille O’Neal

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Shaquille O’Neal, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Shaquille O’Neal. – Shaquille O’Neal is quite literally a massive car enthusiast, this dude is big. Here’s a photo of him next to Bill Gates for scale. Shaq’s Ford S650 is a monster commercial size truck modified to look like a consumer pickup. It has a ton of space for a gigantic man like Shaq, who makes the truck look pretty normal size. This is Bill Gates next to a normal size truck. Also it’s called the super truck, and we all know that Shaq’s nickname is Superman, coincidence?

There’s no such thing as coincidence. This is what I’ve been trying to tell you guys this whole frickin’ time, all right. Nothing exists, not even me. You made me up. These trucks start at around $70,000 from the Ford factory, and once modified, can costs upwards of $200,000. But that’s a drop in the bucket for a Triple Threat like Shaq. I mean this dude has done everything from acting to rapping, to being in a karate video game. I also think that he played basketball.

David Letterman

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
David Letterman, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

David Letterman. – David Letterman is the second late night talk show host on this list that I really look up to, who also has a sick 690 sleeper. He owns this Maroon Volvo 960 wagon with a frickin’ supercharged Ford V8 there. Hell yeah, brother! But it gets better. The original owner of this Volvo was Paul Newman, actor, race car driver, salad dressing guy, and all around good human. The story goes Newman commissioned a company to build him a 960 with a five-liter Ford V8, and then next week, he called up Letterman, and they got to talking. Next thing Dave knows, Newman offered to have one built for him, and you don’t say no when Paul Newman offers to build you a car. They stuffed a Ford 302 into the Volvo’s engine bay and supercharged them for good measure. The result was 400 hrsprs, and a car that would in Newman’s words, “Chew anybody’s ass from 20 to 100,” gross.

Alfred Morris

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Alfred Morris, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Alfred Morris. – Now, this is the kind of story that just actually does warm your heart. This is a heartwarming story. Alfred Morris, former Washington football player, 49er, Cardinal, and Cowboy, as you can imagine, made some pretty good money during his career, and yes, for the majority of that career, this 1991 Mazda 626 was his daily driver. Now, he bought it from his college pastor in 2012, the year that he was drafted to Washington’s football team and continued to drive it throughout his career because it reminded him of his humble roots. This did not go unnoticed, and eventually, Mazda themselves stepped in, and did a full restoration on the car from the frame up, spending over four months replacing every single nut and bolt, and making the 626 factory fresh again. And as an homage to its roots, they decided to leave the college parking sticker on the windshield. Consider your tears jerked.

Post Malone

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Post Malone, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Post Malone. – Look, I don’t know if you guys have seen any of my other videos but I mentioned Post Malone on this channel a lot, mostly because he’s the best way to put things in historical context, you can’t argue that. But he also has some pretty cool taste in cars. He’s got a Hennessy 6X6, an LS Swap C10, and a Chiron, just to name a few, but the one that we love the most is Posty’s 1992 Ford Explorer. Now, this Explorer was originally bought for 1700 bucks and was turned into a slab car at the cost of over 70 grand, an homage to Austin’s Houston roots.

Yes, we are on a first name basis, don’t add me. Now, slab stands for cars that are slow, low, and banging. They usually have a display in their trunk and massive speakers. If you’re into slabs, check out this wheelhouse on cars unwrapped. Post’s Explorer was modified by West Coast Customs, and I gotta say, they did a much better job on this than whatever’s got going on. It has Lambo doors, huge 26-inch rims and spinners. Yes, I said rim. These are wheels. These are rims.

Lady Gaga

Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Lady Gaga, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Lady Gaga. – One of the most successful and influential musical artists of the last 15 years, aside from Baby Gugu is Stefani Germanotta aka Lady Gaga. Gaga has a really awesome collection of cars. She’s got an ivy green 66 Mustang, Chevy Nova SS, Ford Bronco, Lincoln Continental, El Camino, you get the idea, all right. Gaga loves classic American cars but her most prized car just so happens to be one of the baddest trucks ever made. That’s right, Lady G has a 1993 Ford F150 SVT Lightning Lightning, Lightning, Lightning, Lightning, Lightning, Lightning. We’ve talked about the Lightning a lot on this channel.

We have an episode of my other show, Up To Speed coming out, talking about it even more. And we just think it’s so cool that Lady Gaga has one of these. I don’t care what anybody says. Lady Gaga frickin’ slaps. ♪ Come in a Lightning, I keep on driving ♪ ♪ You cannot catch me now ♪ Coming in at number one on our list of famous people with the most unusual cars is well, a bit of a legend, an Acura Legend, also a rap legend.


Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars
Ludacris, Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

Ludacris. – Ludacris has a lot of money ’cause of the rapping and the record company executive-ing. I mean the guy was in frickin’ “Fast and Furious” movies for Peter’s sake. He can have any car he wants, and he pretty much does. He’s got a BMW i8, he’s got a Rolls Royce, he’s got a Ford GT, he’s got an Acura NSX. But it may surprise you to know that Ludacris’s favorite car, the car he loves above all of his other cars is a different Acura, his 1993 Acura Legend. When he bought the car, it was literally his dream car in his dream color. And so through all of his successes, he’s held on to it.

He says that the majority of his first four albums were written driving to and from the studio in this Acura, which is basically the equivalent of doing your homework on a school bus, on your way to school, but I digress. He describes the car as the most ideal balance of sophistication and luxury mixed with a little bit of sport, which he says fits his personality perfectly, I love that. I bet Ludacris is the nicest guy. Now, ‘Cris put an incredible 283,000 miles on this car, which is further than the distance from the Earth to the Moon, and then sadly, he’s involved in a wreck that threatened to end the Legend. Thankfully Acura, knowing what the car meant to Ludacris stepped in and made the vital repairs and restorations to make the Legend feel brand new all over again.

They even lowered it a little bit, added some big brakes, and some raised wheels. To quote Ludacris himself, “The Legend was back and better than ever.” Now, at the end of the day, a lot of people with money have boring tastes in cars, and it’s fun to see that some of them like the cool stuff that you and I like. I mean they really are just like you and me, except really not at all. Really the only thing that I’m aware of that we all have in common is that we like cars but you know what? That’s enough, that is enough. Top13 Famous People with Our SURPRISING Cars

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