Mercedes-Benz SUV _The World’s Top 7 Best Benz SUV Cars


Everyone wants to stand out from the rest of the vehicles on the road, however, not everyone has an idea on how to do that. Nowadays, streets & highways are filled with SUVs, and what better way to stand out from the crowd than a Mercedes-Benz SUV. Listed below are the top seven Merc SUVs:

Mercedes-Benz GLS

The GLS is the brand’s flagship SUV and understandably it is loaded with lots of high-tech features that you won’t be able to find in other vehicles. The massive three-seater has all the room and amenities that you will ever need in your daily life. The GLS was probably one of the brand’s first vehicles to have the new design language that features sleek lights and a rather large front fascia.

The World's Top 7 Best Mercedes-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz GLS, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV, top 10 best mercedes benz suv

The same story continues towards the interior as the rich quality and comfortable seats help you travel in a serene environment. The GLS is available in several variants, the GLS580 & GLS450 are petrol-powered, whereas, the GLS350D & GLS400D are diesel propelled versions.

You can also get an ultra-luxurious version, the Maybach GLS600, which sits on top of all the variants. The price starts from $83,000 for the base version and shoots up to $175,000 for the Maybach GLS600.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

The EQC is the brand’s first all-electric vehicle and it’s also a baby SUV that is part of Mercedes’s vision to electrify its entire lineup. The exterior of this EV is based on a completely new concept that is made specifically to optimize its efficiency.

The World's Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz EQC, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV

Despite being an all-electric car, the EQC looks surprisingly like a normal SUV apart from its front which has negligible air vents that let you know that it’s a battery-driven vehicle. Despite being a miniature SUV, the EQC is surprisingly roomy enough for a normal family and it also handles pretty well due to the batteries being placed on the floor which lowers the center of gravity.

The EQC has only a single version that has dual motors that produce 402hp, enough to clock 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds. The price for this small yet comfy crossover starts at nearly $69,000.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz GLE is a mid-size SUV that sits in between the GLC & the GLS and hence is a great choice for buyers who want something that in between the flagship and entry level segment. It portrays a simplistic yet classy design both inside and outside that lets it maintain the iconic Mercedes character without making any effort.

The World's Top 7 Best Mercedes-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz GLE, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV

Though, if you are in a mood to make it a bit sportier, then you can do so by opting for an AMG body kit and several other interior customizations. Just like any other high-end German vehicle, the GLE also comes in several versions.

The base trim is the GLE 350, then comes the GLE450 and the GLE580. The AMG GLE 53 AMG and the GLE 63 AMG are the special performance-oriented versions that obviously have a higher price tag. The starting price for the GLE is set at $64,000.

Mercedes-Benz EQA

The all-electric EQA as the name suggests is based on the brand’s smallest crossover, the GLA and thus the resemblance is uncanny. Nevertheless, you can still tell that it is a battery-driven vehicle by a solid grille on the front, a few unique trims, and aerodynamic alloy wheels.

The World's Top 7 Best Mercedes-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz EQA, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV

The same concept continues towards the interior where the blue accents let you know that you are driving an eco-friendly vehicle. Apart from that, everything is an exact squeezed down version of the brand’s bigger SUVs which looks quite nice & premium. The EQA packs enough juice when compared to its size as it can provide a range of up to 430km (264 miles).

At the moment, there are only two trim levels available, one is a simple one, and the other one being an AMG version that features several cosmetic changes. The price for Mercedes’s smallest all-electric crossover starts from just under $60,000.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

There are a few cars on the planet that are as charismatic as the Mercedes G-class which is why it instantly turns heads wherever it goes. The new model that made its debut some three years ago, has undergone major upgrades in all departments, but it still preserves the original character of the mighty G-class.

The World's Top 7 Best Mercedes-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz G-Class, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV

The tall off-roading beast is packed with all the equipment and aides that make it an excellent all-rounder on all kinds of terrains and at the same time makes it comfortable enough so you can get the most out of your hard-earned money. There is a wide array of versions available for the G-class.

The G350d is diesel-powered, whereas, the G63 AMG, G500, and the G550 are all gasoline-powered behemoths that have more than enough grunt to push you back into the seats. The price starts at nearly a whopping $130,000.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

The GLA is Mercedes’s smallest and most affordable crossover that is based on the A-class platform. It is fun to drive around the sharp turns due to its small size and the better aerodynamics also help it return a better fuel economy. The micro-SUV comes with unique A-class specific design features which also include turbine resembling A/C vents.

The World's Top 7 Best Mercedes-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz GLA, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV

The cabin is also roomy enough for five people and the cubby spaces allow you to store various items. For a small vehicle, the GLA has a fairly long list of versions that include both the GLA200 & 250 gasoline-powered versions. The Diesel versions are 200d & 220d that are also available in four-wheel-drive variants. The power figures start at 150hp and go up to 224hp for the GLA250. The price of this cute little car starts at around $35,000.

Mercedes-Benz EQB

The EQB is an electrified version of the GLB which has become a common phenomenon in Mercedes’s SUV lineup. The SUV has been fitted with a ventless front grille and the entire DRL passes over it. The backlights have the same long light bar that extends across the tailgate. The EQB sits in between the GLS and the EQA, but you can still get it in a seven-seater configuration.

The World's Top 7 Best Mercedes-Benz SUV
Mercedes-Benz EQB, The World’s Top 7 Best Merceds-Benz SUV

Since this is not a purpose-built EV, therefore, you will find it similar to the GLB in the interior as well, which is a great thing as it takes its quality to a next level. The EQB hasn’t hit the roads yet, but it is expected to have two variants, the EQB250 & the EQB 350. The real-world range should be nearly 402 km (250 miles) which will make it a good competitor. Moreover, the SUV is expected to be priced between $55,000 and $60,000.

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