The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

The thought of towing a teardrop camper via pure pedal power seems exhausting for most people. Luckily, with the explosion of e-bikes into the mainstream, your poor legs can take a rest on your way to the perfect camping spot. This Article looks at the Martha Trailer E-Bike Camper – a green, low-profile camper that sacrifices aesthetics for pure functionality. And stick around until the end for a look at our honorable mentions. Let’s get to it. Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

Mr.EyenaN Design! Call it a cultural shift, call it a new obsession, call it whatever you like – but it’s clear the nomadic world of outdoor recreation is growing fast.

More than 57 million American households went camping in 2021, with 9.1 million venturing into the great outdoors for the first time.

Climate-conscious families increasingly want their adventure in the wilderness, so it’s clear why more and more products like Martha’s Trailer Camper are hitting the market.

Conceived and manufactured by a German-based company, Maxmess Design, this curious camper’s original prototype name was actually “Fahrrad Wohnwagen Martha.” Translated from German, you get “Bicycle Caravan Martha.”

Martha E-Bike Champer

The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs - E-Bike Campers
Martha E-Bike Champer, Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

Gone are the rounded edges synonymous with most teardrop camper designs. But what it lacks in the wow factor, the Martha certainly makes up for practical functionality.

It’s no coincidence that the Martha is precisely the length of standard aluminum sheeting, and using this size drastically reduces the overall manufacturing cost.

Secondly, it creates an interior space with a length of 6.2 feet and a maximum headroom of 3.28 feet – big enough to accommodate most people lying down.

Despite the cozy fit, some well-placed portholes on three of the walls and skylights on the roof stop the claustrophobia from setting in.

Feature-wise, Martha comes with some surprising inclusions. A roof-mounted 50W solar panel provides power generation for the onboard 30-Ah battery.

This powers the internal LED reading lights, exterior LED taillights, electrical power points, USB charging ports, and ventilation fans. A simple command center controls all of this inside the doorway.

Other features of Martha include integrated straps and holders plastered to the walls to hold kitchen utensils, a clothesline for wet washing, four internal storage compartments, a carbon monoxide detector, and even a weather station complete with digital clock/calendar, barometer, and indoor/outdoor thermometer.

There is one thing that is a glaring omission from this cute little camper for one, however. Without any heating options available, Maxmess Designs concedes the Martha is a three-season camper and discourages any winter adventures for now.

Fully loaded, the Martha trailer only weighs 107 pounds, more than enough to tow behind your favorite e-bike. It’s also rated to carry an additional payload of 55 pounds.

Released only in June 2022, the Martha sells for $4,950, arguably one of the cheapest ways to sleep under the stars if you’re not a fan of tents.

Could you see yourself cramming into the Martha for a green solo adventure? Or do you need some extra space to stretch your legs? Let us know in the comments below.

Scout E-Bike Champer

The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs - E-Bike Campers
Scout E-Bike Champer, Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

An honorable mention has to go to the Scout Camper from Germany! With just a few flips and folds, the towable box-type camper quickly sets up so you can enjoy a quiet day of sightseeing or reading.

We have already covered this one before. So if you’re interested in learning more.

Mody Series Bicycle Caravans

The Mody Series Bicycle Caravans include the Tourer, the Trekking, and the Outdoor models. They all share similarities, but there are a few differences between them.

All three models by Modyplast are made from lightweight fiberglass or carbon fiber material. They only use 26-inch wheels, and are easily driven at speeds of 15 mph.

The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs - E-Bike Campers
Mody Series Bicycle Caravans, Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

The slight differences between the three mostly come down to preferences, and the most notable differences coming from the Outdoor model. It features a slightly larger external size and, in turn, it is a few pounds heavier at 110 pounds empty.

The real customization comes from the accessories you can purchase to add to your Mody Series Bicycle Caravans. Everything from windows to solar systems to roof rails.

B Turtle Micro Mono E-Bike Champer

A world-first, the B Turtle, is a two-lane transport and caravan trailer perfect for cyclists who want CO2-neutral travel and comfort when sleeping.

If you’re the type to bike and hike and need a place to crash, then the B-Turtle Micro Wohnwagen and Micro Mono are of interest. Gentle Tent gives us these two e-bike campers.

The Micro Wohnwagen hosts an inflatable camping tent for two, a built-in transport tub that holds 31 gallons of water, and an awning all packed into this 64-pound caravan. Or, if you are looking for a solo adventure, the Micro Mono is more your speed.

The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs - E-Bike Campers
B Turtle Micro Mono E-Bike Champer, Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

Stripping some of the weight down to 55-pounds in exchange for a single person’s worth of accommodations. Both the Micro Wohnwagen and Micro Mono are UV-resistant and wind and weatherproof.

It’s no secret that when you take camper trailers off-road, they have to be more durable and sound in the engineering department.

Some companies will spend an unreasonable amount of money researching and developing an off-road trailer that retains all the creature comforts some can’t go without.

According to Camper Report, the cost of a new towable travel trailer generally ranges from around eleven thousand to thirty-five thousand dollars.

Of course, there are plenty of outliers, and not every trailer was designed for the same sort of camping. Perhaps you are a make-do type and don’t worry about the smaller things you don’t need to live.

Hinckley Overlanding is tackling the off-road scene. But instead of stressing themselves over the small stuff, they focus on building an all-terrain companion that can follow you anywhere.

With over one hundred and forty-five years of combined experience in the automotive industry, they seem confident and eager to take this project on.

However, they say that they are equally excited to help their customers fulfill their passions of Overlanding. Hinckley’s goal is to help design and build the best vehicle possible for you. It seems like a win-win to me!

Road Warrior Campers

Starting in 2016 in Australia, Road Warrior Campers began its business by designing, researching, and developing trailers that can tow behind powerful motorcycles and small cars.

The company has spent a lot of time traveling across both Australia and United States, towing their designs behind them.

They have learned much about what makes a good product in that time, and they have only expanded on their mini-trailer lineup throughout the years. One of the recent editions is the Road Warrior Adventurer.

So, what exactly is the Adventurer? As you may have picked up, it’s a small thing compared to some of the camping behemoths we’ve showcased, with a total length of less than eight feet long.

The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs - E-Bike Campers
Road Warrior Campers, Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

The actual design of the Adventurer is simple yet useful. The five hundred pounds that make up this tiny tanker come equipped with four storage options that flank each side of the powder-coated aluminum body.

A roof rack accommodates a tent if that’s your cup of tea. The chassis can hold over three hundred gallons and makes up the bulk of the storage capacity.

On each side is a long toolbox that can store up to thirteen and a half gallons, and the tops of them can also act as a countertop.

Finally, there is a front locker with around forty gallons of storage meant for a generator or other more oversized cargo.

In total, the Adventurer can carry over eight hundred pounds, so you can be ready for whatever your camping adventure entails.

Going back to that roof rack, Road Warrior has included space for an optional side awning and rooftop tent.

In terms of tents, Road Warrior actually offers a selection from iKamper called the Skycamp 3.0 and Skycamp Mini.

The Skycamp 3.0 is a hard-shelled four-person tent that offers plenty of room for legs and a king-sized bed. The Skycamp Mini is quite a bit smaller, only housing two, but has the benefit of setting up in less than a minute.

It also fits on nearly any form of transportation you take, from compact cars to truck beds.

Suppose you want to Adventurer compact camper for yourself. In that case, Road Warrior is selling them for around seven thousand three dollars, with options available for an awning and the Skycamp tents.

Hinckley Overlanding breaks into the scene with their rendition of a trailer camper they call the GOAT Trailer. That stands for greatest of all time, so if you were scratching your head at the lack of horns, now you know why.

Goat Micro Camber Trailer

They seem to be confident in their first trailer, but is it truly the greatest of all time? It’s a difficult question to answer, so why don’t we just get into the meat, and you can judge for yourself? The GOAT is built for strength and, as such, features a three-sixteenth-inch steel plate base and a fourteen-gauge heavy-duty steel shell construction.

As for the suspension, the guys at Hinckley gave this indomitable invention around two thousand pounds of half axle torsion and eight thousand pounds stabilizing corner jacks.

The Best 6 Creative Micro Camper Designs - E-Bike Campers
Goat Micro Camber Trailer, Micro Camper Designs – E-Bike Campers

Beyond durability, Hinckley says that versatility is their significant focal point, with heavy-duty mounting racks included for tents or gear. With over sixty-four thousand cubic inches of storage space available, it accommodates nearly anything you would want to bring on your trip.

The trailer also features a removable tongue with a two-inch receiver-style hitch for ease of transport and storage. The last thing included with purchasing the GOAT is a few customization options.

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Because who would say no to some choice? An array of eight colors allows you to better suit what matches your likes. If the choices aren’t what you’re looking for, Hinckley will even paint the GOAT the same color as your towing vehicle.

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If you want a little extra oomph with your trailer, additional options are available for purchase. If you enjoyed this Article, you can help us out by hitting the like button, subscribe, and keep up to date on future posts.

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