History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

History of Rolls Royce

If someone asks us which is the costliest car in the world the car that comes to our mind is Rolls Royce. Why is it the costliest car and its interesting facts are what we are going to see in this Article today come. There are so many cars that costs in crores but the car that most of us are familiar is the Rolls Royce Rolls Royce is celebrated not only as the costliest car but also as the best luxury cars in the world The news about who owns a Rolls Royce makes it even more famous There are many who wanted to become rich and own a Rolls Royce.

Some say it is 1 crore, 2 crores or 6 crores but if you stand on the streets of Rolls Royce and ask about the price, there will be no reply Ok since we didn’t get the price from the manufacturer if we ask the people who bought the cars they will also not reveal due to tax reasons. Rolls Royce factory is located only in Good wood, England It does not have any other branches and is the Headquarters of Rolls Royce If you wonder why it is only in England? Did they not have any other factories elsewhere?

Yes they started one In 1921, They started another factory in Springs field, America But it was a massive failure As the people who wanted to purchase Rolls Royce, saw the car with British engineering and wanted it from the British Soil only No one liked the cars that were manufactured in other countries As the Rolls Royce manufactured in America didn’t sell well and in 1931,the company decided to close its factory and decided to sell Rolls Royce from Britain only There are many myths surrounding the British engineering and the cost of these cars For example, there is a myth that you can get a Rolls Royce only if you belong to the Royal family Or if you have a rich legacy of 3 generations only can you afford a Rolls Royce…

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

If you buy a Rolls Royce, you can never resale it and if you attempt re-selling they will seize it.. After buying a Rolls Royce if your financial status becomes low, they will seize it… If father orders a Rolls Royce, then it will reach the son only… To that level you had to maintain your financial status was all the myths surrounding owning a Rolls Royce All these are just myths but nothing is true. I too believed it at first.

The last may be true that is the car ordered by father will be given to son. But it is not based on financial status but on the waiting period of the car Because Rolls Royce car takes such a long time to be delivered right after the day of ordering to its manufacture Why does it take such a long time is it is all custom made.

They create a car that satisfies the customer and his taste entirely to a 100% That is why it takes such a long time to make it and it becomes costly as it is custom-made In the beginning Rolls Royce created only the chassis and the engine only The parts of the car that was custom made according to each customer was created by Park Ward After that Rolls Royce bought the entire company of Park ward and started creating their own body parts In that they started creating customization options for each customer To customise the car according to the customer’s needs they run a special department named Bespokes Rolls Royce uses its best craftsman to make many parts hand made to satisfy the customer’s needs.

This finally crafted and sculpted Rolls Royce is the epitome of luxury They use one tree for the wooden materials required in a Rolls Royce car That is wood from a particular tree is used for one car only Since they feel the finishing will be equal All the leather that is used comes from the cowhide They choose the hide of the Bull as they feel that it doesn’t wrinkle They are very careful in creating the design in the head liner and are very meticulous in this For example a customer had asked that the car should have a head liner reflecting the stars in the sky They recreated the exact idea of the customer using 1300 fiber optics as per the desire of the customer in the headliner.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

So this meticulously crafted Rolls Royce cars for the elite is also named very very carefully and distinctly. For example, a girl from Taiwan ordered a Rolls Royce according to her tastes Rolls Royce named it as Blue Magpie a unique bird seen in Taiwan in honour of that order No other Rolls Royce will have the same name and none has been repeated If you have a car and if we ask you what car you have?

you will answer as i20 or magnum R right But if any one gets a Rolls Royce they will have a customised Rolls Royce’s name too If you ask that Taiwan lady what car she owns, she will tell stylishly Rolls Royce the blue Magpie The waiting period is very long as Rolls Royce is created very very meticulously Even the Rolls Royce that are not customised take a longer time They take 2 months to make a car As every part is handmade the Rolls Royce that is not customised too takes a longer time the robots in the factory are only for painting Rest others are entirely being hand crafted by men in a Rolls Royce car Even the small statue at the bonnet of the car is created by handcraft and not by machine mould Since it is created so precisely.

if it gets damaged or stolen it takes 15000 to 20000 dollars to replace it This valuable statue in the bonnet is the signature of Rolls Royce So in order to prevent theft, Rolls Royce has a safety mechanism to protect it The bonnet statue looks like an angel spreading its wings But actually it is a statue of a lady There is an interesting history behind the statue of this lady The Rolls Royce of the yester years did not have any statue or mascot on its bonnet But the rich men who bought the Rolls Royce made something during that time Like how our politicians after buying a huge car will have a post for hoisting the party’s flag The same way those rich men started having a mascot or a statue in the bonnet as their signature Like that a rich man named John asked a sculptor named Sykes to have a statue in his car John was the II Baron of Montgomery.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

He was a very important personality He was a political Stronghold and so when Sykes thought about creating a signature for The Baron, He came to know about a secret affair between Thornton, John’s secretary and John Thornton was from a very humble background and she didn’t have royal blood So the love was kept under wraps and only a few close to John knew about it So he wanted her image to be in front of his car as if she was travelling in the car and her dress was flying And to point out that the affair was a secret she was keeping a finger in her lips He drew it and sculpted it and fixed it in that car.

This created a disturbance in Rolls Royce cars as they thought if this will affect their brand image So they decided to have a statue as a mascot for Rolls Royce So the same sculptor was called to create the mascot for Rolls Royce as they intended to have it in all their cars In their briefing they told him to reflect the Goddess Nike in the mascot But Sykes could not agree with it and so what he created for John He just recreated another lady out of it by touching few places He re-shaped it as the lady planting her foot firmly a little front and she is facing the wind And so her dress was blowing backwards like the wings of an angel Sykes named it as the spirit of Speed earlier He took that statue to Rolls Royce company and showed them, They were shocked.

But still they liked the design And they liked the name of the statue and so they decided to accept it. But on the revealing the mascot to the public Sykes revealed the named of the statue as Spirit of ecstasy He explained that the goddess of ecstasy when she decided to tour the world by road, she chose her vehicle as the Rolls Royce And since Rolls Royce really liked this concept, they used it for their promotions And until today The Spirit of ecstasy is seen as the mascot of Rolls Royce Since Rolls Royce is hand made entirely by thorough professionals, they deliver Rolls Royce cars very less in a year In 2021, they were proud that was the year they sold the maximum number of cars in their history They had just sold 5,586 cars only In a year do you know how many Maruti cars are manufactured?

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

22 lakh cars are manufactured Just for comparison What 114 years huh. when did they start Rolls Royce? We have to go back to 1904 and the years before that Henry Royce was the fifth child of his parents and he was born in 1863 His father passed away when he was young After his father’s death, his entire family were into poverty By the age of 5, he worked in farm lands as a coolie to support his family After that he did all kinds of odd jobs until he started interning with The Great Northern railways as an Electrical engineer Even while he was studying Electrical engineering.

He made up for the finances by being a paper boy So he started his electrical works company with the small savings that he had after his engineering He saw a good profit in it and so he started manufacturing electrical cranes and selling them During that time The Second Boer war started in Britain Though Royce was in electricals he had a passion with mechanical too He had the passion to create his own cars and he was working towards it After the Boer war, his business suffered financial loss After deciding that there is no scope in his field, he decided that the future would be automobile engineering and he created 3 cars on his own During the same time, Charles Rolls was in England in another direction.

He was born in the year 1877 He was from an affluent family and had a degree from cam bridge in Mechanical and Applied Sciences His family was into many business and they were great entrepreneurs But he was personally in love with cars He had a dream that he has to create a car brand in his name and that the car has to be remembered for generations Both Rolls and Royce were able to meet through a person He was Henry Edmunds In fact the Rolls Royce of today should have been named as Rolls Edmund Royce Edmunds was introduced to Royce through a common acquaintance and he was fascinated by Royce’s skills At the same time since Rolls was a lover of cars.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

He had good friendship with him Edmunds believed that the skill of Royce and the money and passion of Rolls will culminate in a great car company He took steps to unite these 2 giants He motivated Royce that he was telling Rolls about his cars and he asked him to wait for his funding At the same time he told Rolls about the cars of Royce and compelled him to take a look at his cars Because of the efforts of Edmund, a historical meeting took place in 1904 at Midland hotel, Manchester on May 4th between Rolls and Royce During their meet.

They spoke about cars for a long time Charles Rolls accepted to take a look at the 3 cars made by Royce The car that he made had 2 cylinders Charles Rolls did not have a great opinion about the 2 cylinder cars Because those days those cars had too much shake In those days the 2 cylinder-ed cars were too shaky He had foreseen cars with 3 or 4 cylinders and thought them to be the future and wanted to create such cars only He thought this car will be too shaky and got in the car of Royce But he couldn’t sense any vibration and he literally was taken aback with the smooth running of the car You are the man that I was looking forward too said Rolls and made a deal with him Rolls decided to buy all the cars made by Royce and then sell it as Rolls Royce Edmunds was only interested in joining these two great people and never thought of making a profit out of it To appreciate his friendship.

Rolls and Royce had invited him as the chief guest for the inauguration of the first Rolls Royce factory In 1904, Rolls Royce created cars that had only 10 horse power Then it changed to 15 HP and then 30 HP and now it has journeyed to this enormous Rolls Royce company They have also faced many failures in this great journey The first failure was during the I World War when they could neither manufacture or sell their cars properly At the same time they had pressure from the government to manufacture plane engines Rolls Royce accepted it and started manufacturing plane engines The first aircraft engine Eagle was very powerful It was a great strength to the British air-force in the war After that Rolls Royce created the powerful Hawk, Falcon and Candor one after the other This really strengthened the British air force This period was very challenging one for Rolls Royce.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

They were not able to manufacture or sell cars and so they started to focus on the air-craft engines all together Even after the war their position was not good as the entire world faced recession Because of this no one came forward to buy costly cars During that time to balance their condition, Rolls Royce released Rolls Royce 20 Rolls Royce 20 was the cheapest cars sold in the history of Rolls Royce Even now people search for those cars Claude Johnson was instrumental in uplifting Rolls Royce and saved it from drowning Claude Johnson was the partner of Rolls and was with the company right from its inception and was also instrumental in its various success.

He was the one who planned and executed a plan for Rolls Royce to journey Claude Johnson was the master mind behind this successful Rolls Royce of today In fact Rolls Royce will not be written without the hyphen Many tell that the hyphen refers to Claude Johnson only Rolls Royce was manufacturing cars using HP in the initial days But Claude Johnson asked Rolls Royce to stop manufacturing cars on the basis of HP and directed then to manufacture iconic cars It was based on his idea that Rolls Royce Ghost cars were manufactured that became a great milestone Rolls Royce was actually trying to be back on.

its feet after I WW but again they had a setback during II WW During the II World war they had to stop production of cars and started concentrating on turbines and air-craft engines The air-craft that they created during this time changed the aviation industry totally Rolls Royce produced such powerful engines Not only that based on their Phantom cars they created the armored vehicles and gave it to the British army And due to that British army was highly strengthened The Rolls Royce that paved way for the success of the British army during the II WW started seeing problems after the end of the war Since they had stopped the production of cars and concentrated on turbines and air-craft engines they started having loss Because air-craft engines required more RD and it consumed a lot of finances.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

So to move from one version to another consumed a lot of time and money and the product didn’t yield profit They were about to be declared sick during this time due to the financial losses At that time British government interfered and tried to revive the situation British government decided to split this air-craft manufacture and car manufacture and also to sell off the car unit Vickers bought this car manufacturing unit of Rolls Royce Vickers then came forward to sell those cars BMW and Volkswagen fought so must to get the rights from Vikers Volkswagen quoted more in the auction than BMW and got the rights of Rolls Royce But here was a twist Vickers.

Had just given the Crewe factory and the mascot Spirit of Ecstasy to be used by Volkswagen But the name Rolls Royce and its logo remained with Vikers But after that BMW got it from Vikers after paying them Rolls Royce name and logo was with BMW Rolls Royce manufacturing factory and its mascot was with Volkswagen Volkswagen can manufacture the cars but cannot use the name or its logo BMW cannot manufacture the cars but the name and logo was with them What to do was the confusion?

BMW and Volkswagen came to an understanding to solve this issue Volkswagen had rights to Crewe factory and the initial Rolls Royce V8 engines To manufacture Rolls Royce cars with their name and logo will remain with BMW. That was the deal that they arrived at After that Rolls Royce became one of BMW’s assets And they released their Phantom cars and retrieved their lost glory and today it is standing tall Even after so many hiccups they have established themselves as the undisputed brand of luxury cars for 117 years It is because they have never compromised on their quality Even today 60 – 70% of their cars.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

Throughout the history of Rolls Royce is in working condition and it shows the precision in their quality This uncompromising quality and meticulous precision made the Royal family to choose Rolls Royce as one of their official cars As we saw earlier that the Rolls Royce brand for the Royalty, it is suitable only for a series of Rolls Royce cars Rolls Royce created Phantom 4 cars as such cars In fact they were compelled to do so Phantom 4 cars were manufactured exclusively for the Royal family If you have to buy this car you must be a British royalty and this was a basic rule for that Rolls Royce has not only faced trouble during the wars but also because of a few customers too.

The most important among them is our Rajasthan ruler of Alwa Jaisingh He was not allowed to buy a Rolls Royce and he went asking and he took the car to sweep the streets. this story is told often Don’t ask me why am I not telling it in detail in the comment section But like the Raja’s story I want to share 2 interesting stories. one A man from India has bought Rolls Royce with his humble savings from his salon In the same way do you know who had the maximum number of Rolls Royce collection in the world?

Osho Osho did not buy 1 or 2 Rolls Royce, but 93 for his own personal use Each day he used a different Rolls Royce For the past 117 years, Rolls Royce had established themselves as the brand in luxury cars and now their focus for the future is towards electric cars Rolls Royce has introduced Specter as an up gradation to the latest and futuristic in automobile electric world Rolls Royce has announced that they will be stopping all combustion engine models by 2030 and concentrate entirely on electric vehicles So we can talk a lot about Rolls Royce.

History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!
History of Rolls Royce car and interesting facts about the car..!

ok bcubers, I think you would have liked the story of Rolls Royce If you have, then like it, share it with your friends If you are new to our Website, subscribe and follow in Face book, then only you will receive notifications When I said subscribe I remember some proverb based on Rolls Royce. Many bcubers feel that the subscribers are not increasing Just remember to create a normal car it takes just a day For a Rolls Royce it takes minimum 6 months We are like Rolls Royce.

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We will grow patiently After buying a Rolls Royce many claim that they cannot pay tax as they are poor right, I remember someone having milk under a tree huh Oh I have given the lead to the next Article without thinking.

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