Bitcoin – Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!


You definitely know that buying pizza with Bitcoin is not a problem at all. But did you know that there are clubs in Vegas that accept this form of payment as well? For what you ask? Oh boy, you’ll be shocked. In this Article, we’ll show you the top 5 Thing You Didn’t Know You Can Buy With Bitcoin.

Post-Oak Dealership

Paying for a four-wheeler beast with Bitcoin? No problem. Of course, you can’t just walk into your local car dealership and offer bitcoins. But if you happen to walk around in Texas, you actually might.

Post-Oak Dealership based in Texas has already sold more than 20 cars, including Bentleys and Rolls Royce, by payment with famous cryptocurrency. And they’re not alone. Carriage Auto Group, a Kia dealer with offices in Alabama and Georgia, also accepts Bitcoin as payment for any of their beauties.

Bitcoin - Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!
Bitcoin – Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!

Or you can buy some of your favorite cars by simply paying through CryptoExchange. Even if you’re aiming for some of the fastest and craziest cars on Earth, you can snap up brands like Bugatti, Ferrari, Hummer, Bentley, and Aston Martin with your bitcoin here. So all you gotta do is actually own a Bitcoin, which is, unfortunately, not my case.

Super Yacht

No doubt that the biggest proof of having pockets full of cash used to be when you owned a private superyacht. As a bitcoin owner, your pockets probably aren’t full of anything, but that superyacht is still an option!

Bitcoin - Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!
Bitcoin – Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!

Bitcoin holders can buy luxury yachts through several well-known companies, including Rosenberg, Bitcars, and Denison Yacht Sales. Although Denison has been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2014, making it the first yachting company to do so, their first charter was really paid with Bitcoin only in June 2018.

Real Estate

Buying pizza with bitcoins is so old-school, right? These days, people buy real estate with Bitcoin,and not just some tiny dog houses; they’re literally buying mansions! The first house exclusively sold for Bitcoin was a $480,000 mansion in Essex, United Kingdom, in 2017 by company Go Home, but it’s not them who rules this business.

One of the biggest companies that accept paying for a new house in Bitcoin is Bithome, a Swiss consulting organization that basically built their business on selling real estate through this cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin - Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!
Bitcoin – Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!

Of course, you’re not gonna be able to buy a mansion on Indian Creek Island, but they list residences for sale basically anywhere you live, from Europe to America and further. So if you plan on buying anything from a Romanian villa to a small apartment in France, with a bunch of bitcoins in your pockets, Bithome is a way to go.

Private Plane

You already know that you can snap up a private plane for just a few bucks, but did you know that you can do it even with a Bitcoin? Aviatrade has launched a new payment platform for its aircraft inventory that allows wealthy crypto owners to have something new to brag about.

And we’re not talking just about some tiny second-hand jets. Gulfstream G650ER is the first plane that can be yours if you have virtual money to spare, and it sure is worth it. It’s one of the company’s largest and most fantastic aircraft that attracted big names such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

Bitcoin - Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!
Bitcoin – Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!

The G650ER’s 7,500 nautical mile range makes it popular among regular worldwide travelers who don’t want to stop for many time-consuming fuel stops. But, this trend isn’t only in the hands of Aviatrade. One of Europe’s premier private jet companies named GlobeAir has also started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment, so bitcoin can literally get you on cloud.

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Legends Room in Las Vegas

Yeah, all of that is cool, but I bet you didn’t expect the number one to be something as bizarre as this! If you’re looking to spend your Bitcoin fortune on a quick fun, Legends Room in Las Vegas has got you covered. This Las Vegas club accepts Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency traded on the Bittrex exchange as payment for anything the club offers, from drinks to lap dances.

Bitcoin - Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!
Bitcoin – Bizzare Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin..!

They have even put a temporary QR code on the dancers’ bodies, so if you want to enjoy a night out here, you simply just wave your phone over a girl’s tattoo! Imagine if they did it 8 years ago, the club would get renamed to Nerd’s Room! Here comes the question! On which of these things would you blow your bitcoin wallet?

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