5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy – Part 2

Cheapest Personal Submarine

They say that most of the ocean is yet to be explored, so why don’t you get on it? No matter how crazy and expensive exploring the underwater world may sound like, let this be the reality check you need. We already told you that owning a submarine can sometimes be cheaper than buying an average Toyota, but there’s even more to show you. With this in your mind, let us show you the top 5 cheapest submarines you can buy next.

Nova Semi Submarine

The NOVA semi-submarine is that type of machine you’d see in the kids’ cartoons. The cute and, at first sight, small submarine fits the whole crew of 12. So no one is left behind on the adventure.

Now check this! You can even go on a night trip thanks to its special underwater LED lights and see what’s hiding in the dark! Even if it is in fifth place on our list, it is still pretty affordable.

5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy - Part 2
5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy – Part 2

You would just have to give up a house worth $135000, and this fun machine is yours! When you think of submarines, you probably imagine a very boring big machine, but look at this one!

Seabreacher Y Killer Whale

The Seabreacher Y Killer Whale is definitely something that will spice up your life! It was designed to not only look like the actual Orcinus Orca but to also move like it. That way, you can use it for both sightseeing and scaring people away from your side of the beach. Very handy.

5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy - Part 2
5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy – Part 2

The sea breacher Y can push underwater at a rate of 25 mph and hydroplane at speeds of up to 50 mph. The two-person cockpit is covered by a tinted acrylic canopy protecting you during all the sky-hops, dives, and rolls. So grab a friend, $81000, and get in the water!

Sports Sub Mini

Number three is very different from the crazy killer whale but also offers an unforgettable experience. The SportSub Mini-Submarine can go down 50 meters and see the unseen in the ocean. Its cockpit is big enough to fit three people, but don’t worry.

5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy - Part 2
5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy – Part 2

You won’t have to fight for the best seat because every single one offers the best view, front, back, side, upward, and even downward. There’s no way you’ll miss something with the SportSub Mini-Submarine! And we have good news because to explore the deep waters you won’t need to spend more than for the new Tesla, Model X. It’s just $74000!

Kittridge K250

If you’re looking for a more private and calm dive, then the Kittredge k-250 is the right choice. The original one-person machine was built in 1986-1987, and we know what you’re thinking. That was a long time ago, but hear me out? Some things get better with age, like Jennifer Aniston!

5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy - Part 2
5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy – Part 2

Anyway, you can find one in excellent condition with a few improvements only for $54000! But the best part about this submarine is that it is human-powered. So only you can control when and where you want to slow down and take a look around the fascinating underwater world.

Skubster Nemo

Get ready for the cheapest submarine of all time! The Scubster Nemo is a wet submarine perfect for recreational purposes. And if the Scubster design has the look of James Bond’s yellow submarine seen in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” it also is as quiet and can run in stealthy silence.

5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy - Part 2
5 CHEAPEST Personal Submarines You Can Buy – Part 2

So you won’t scare away any beautiful creatures. And by that, I don’t mean hot chicks snorkeling around coral reefs. The great thing is that if you can bicycle on the ground, you can also control this machine because it is pedal-powered. But before you decide to splurge the money, we should warn you.

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The name -wet submarine- means that you will actually get wet. So before you buy the Scubster Nemo, check out some scuba gear. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of money left because this submarine is only $25000!

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