Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These

Worst Jet Skis

Imagine flying over water with the dolphins during sunset! Nothing makes you feel like the main character more. But what seemed like a dream come true slowly turned into a nightmare. Your one and only jet ski gave up on you and left you in the middle of the ocean. Now that would never happen if you had Readed this Article as today, we’ll show you the top 5 Worst Jet-skis You Can Possibly Buy. But before that, let us know real quick; what do you consider the worst jet ski on the market?

SeaDoo LRV – Jet Skis

The early 2000s had a craze not only for the Backstreet boys but also for 4-seater personal watercraft, such as Sea-Doo LRV. At that time, it was truly an icon, but now, it’s left only for fishermen. This PWC took away from the light, powerful, and exciting speed, that is, of course, expected from it. And why is that? Well, first of all, it weighed 432 kg, so you can imagine how hard it was to control it.

Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These
SeaDoo LRV – Jet Skis, Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These

But, second of all, its 2-stroke engine, the Rotax 947, was definitely not a match with this massive jet ski. The result was that it produced only 130 hp, which is even less than a speed of an average sedan car. Unless you want to throw away 5000 dollars and still be the last one to every party, Sea-Doo LRV isn’t for you.

Yamaha Waverunners – Jet Skis

Moving on to the number four, this weird-looking personal watercraft you’re looking at is a Yamaha WaveJammer, and it ranks fourth place on our list. This legendary watercraft was the first-ever produced by Yamaha, and we can really tell. Its hull is so tippy that many riders give up just trying to climb up on the machine. Not to mention, the riding is even more complicated, and it is, again, connected with the hull.

Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These
Yamaha Waverunners – Jet Skis, Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These

It is quite flat, so it’s hard to steel and is definitely not the best for beginners. One thing that was surprising was its weight, only 130 kg. However, the 2-stroke, 496cc engine couldn’t keep up. Lastly, its looks. I’m sure you’ve never seen stranger PWC. In fact, it even got a nickname. The giraffe. I mean…who would want to be associated with this weirdo?

Kawasaki Ultra 300LX – Jet Skis

Have you ever wondered what the slowest jet ski looks like? Well, here it is. The number three is Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX. The fastest it can go is 54 mph, which is just sad. But the fact that it’s almost the worst watercraft for some also means that some people love it. Yes, we’re talking about the fisherman again, because they are the only ones that don’t mind being left on the sea. But since this is machine is relatively new, there’s no way a fisherman can afford to pay $10,399 just to sit on it.

Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These
Kawasaki Ultra 300LX – Jet Skis, Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These

However, there is one more issue. This 472 kg PWC is only suitable for one man due to its lousy stability. So, there’s no way that you’ll be able to enjoy the ride with your friends. Although, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it either way. We’re just saying that you should think twice before purchasing the Kawasaki Ultra 300 LX. For most of the ’90s, seeing a Tigershark jet ski on the water was pretty normal, but then it seemed like our number two had suddenly disappeared. But why don’t people buy it anymore?

The answer is pretty simple. It comes with more cons than pros. And it’s not only because it’s over 20 years old. Even during its best years, the reputation of this jet ski was bad. This 62 hp watercraft has many maintenance issues and is pretty unreliable. Of course, you wouldn’t want to risk that. However, there is one more reason why we don’t see the Tigershark anymore. The rumors say that Yamaha brought on a lawsuit because the company infringed on some of their patents. But who knows what’s true?

SeaDoo 3D – Jet Skis

We all thought that the 2004 Sead-Doo 3D jet ski would breathe new life into the market, or at least for the company. However, this was probably their biggest flop ever. We get that they wanted something unique and exotic, but five different riding positions? For what? They only made riding and handling very difficult.

Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These
SeaDoo 3D – Jet Skis, Top 5 Worst Jet Skis..! NEVER BUY These

The design of this watercraft is trying to be fun, but you can’t jump on with it. It even has low reliability and frequent overheating issues. So, where’s the fun? Good question. In the end, it’s simply safe to say that Sea-Doo 3D was a jack of all trades, master at none.

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