Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride

Smallest Snowmobiles

If you really wanna conquer snow hills, you need the right snowmobile. A perfect one for you doesn’t need the best engine. It needs the proper size, so you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself. In this Article, we’ll show you the top 5 smallest snowmobiles for you to float in powder and race with the polar bears.

Polaris 800 RUSH PRO-S

The Polaris 800 RUSH PRO-S doesn’t offer only good looks but also unbelievable speed, thanks to its lightweight and small size. The 114 in length and 47 in width make this the epitome of a go-anywhere, do-anything type of snowmobile. That pushed designers to rack their brains on how to maximize the control over this killer machine, and after a few tries, they’ve finally come up with Rider Centric Comfort.

Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride
Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride

It basically means that you’re not too far forward and not too far back, and the opportunity it gives to rail through the corners with such confidence with no effort is truly excellent. Paired with two 795 cc engines, the Polaris 800 RUSH PRO-S is the real deal for anyone that wants to impress your local snowmobile freaks and has 12,499 dollars in pockets.

But, if you want something even smaller and faster, don’t go anywhere, ’cause we’re about to move to fourth place on our list.

Yamaha Apex LE

First of all, Yamaha is an engine manufacturer god. Indeed. That’s why on today’s list, we will not have one but two of their models. However, everything has its time, so, first of all, let’s take a look at the Yamaha Apex LE. It was, in fact, one of the first snowmobiles with a 4-stroke engine, and since then, it’s been changing the game.

Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride
Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride

This crazy 47 inches high and 112 inches long machine can produce 180 hp, and thanks to its small size, you can drive it for hours easily. However, that’s not even the best part because Yamaha came up with something that was never done before. The heated handgrips make sure you never complain about the freezing weather. Just grab 15,000 dollars and enjoy.

Arctic Cat ZR 200

The third snowmobile on our list was created to give the youth an outrageous and fun riding experience. So, naturally, the size of this machine won’t scare you. But don’t let that fool you. Arctic Cat ZR 200 is packed with a powerful 200 4-stroke engine that doles out enough power for you to win all the races with your fellas.

Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride
Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride

The 84 inches in length and 35 inches in width, however, make it suitable for drivers that like to get a little rowdy when behind the wheel. With this snowmobile, you don’t have to be scared, and you can try everything you ever wanted on the snow. Price? 4,755 dollars.

Arctic Cat ZR 120

Moving to second place, we’re one step closer to the smallest snowmobile ever built. The front suspension design of another Arctic Cat, but this time, ZR 120, helps every rider to feel free and confident when taking the monster for a ride. But, as you probably know, the main reason why this snowmobile is so easy to tame the trail with is its small proportions.

Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride
Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride

73 inches in length and 34 in height let you go for powder turns, side-hilling, and even crawl between the trees like you’re a part of the wildlife. And speaking of wild, its 4-stroke engine is packed enough to ride from morning to evening, and even then, you can turn on the headlight end ride some more. The wild experience never ends with the ZR 120. The size isn’t the only thing that might shock you, as all this comes just for 3,245 dollars.

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Yamaha SRX 120R

Now, as we promised and if you did the maths right, the last and the smallest snowmobile is Yamaha SRX 120R. With its 71 inches in length and 34 in width, it may seem that it’s just some kind of toy. But, it’s for sure not. The sporty-sounding 123cc OHV engine will send you through the powder before you even blink twice. And if you don’t believe it, go, take it for a test drive.

Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride
Top 5 SMALLEST Snowmobiles You Have To Ride

You will most likely feel the seat is so comfortable that you’ll never want to park it again. With the addition of the rear suspension, super-cool sharp colors, and a price tag of 2,899 dollars, there’s a dream only a snowmobile freak can dream. So, is it gonna be you who will find the love for these small snowmobiles and become one of the bad-ass riders?

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